Breaking in the new apartment

Nick couldn't remember what had possessed him to go out into town without a bodyguard. Or even what had possessed him to go without a hat to pull down over his head. Everyone knew that the Backstreet Boys were giving a concert that night, and that they had arrived last night. So now, running for his life, was something he should have expected.

He just knew that he had to get out of the hotel, away from the other guys, away from the promoters, away from everyone. "It’s the fans I can't escape from, though," he thought as he sped around the corner and down an alley.

It was dark in here, the sun blocked by the tall older buildings and warehouses. He saw boxes and trash cans lying around and thought that maybe he could hide under one of those, but the smell drove him back. Instead, he saw a fire escape hanging down, and jumped up, his over 6 foot tall frame quickly catching on the metal ladder and pulled it down. Then climbed it rapidly, pulled the ladder up, and scrambled up two flights of stairs, before the small mob of girls came racing around the corner. He leaning back against the wall, silently praying that none of them looked up. His wish was granted.

As he watched the last stragglers tear around the far curve of the alley, he realized that it was only a matter of time before they returned. He had to find somewhere to hide. He walked along the fire escape, finally coming to an open door, and slipped in.

Stephanie hummed a tune to herself as she made a peanut butter and jam sandwich in the small kitchen. Not a kitchen really, more of a galley. But who cared? She was in her OWN apartment, eating food she had made with her OWN hands. No more parents peering over her shoulders demanding to know what she was doing. And, even better, no more Andy telling her that that she wasn't good enough for her.

She shook her dark blonde hair off of her shoulders. She wasn't going to think about that. She had given him everything and he had still left her. Left for that slut he worked with at the video store. She could still remember the sight of them, up against the wall in the back room, among the porno movies appropriately enough, fucking each other. And he thought she wasn't good enough for him? Ridiculous.

Now she was free. To make her own choices. To live her own life. To eat her own sandwich.

She turned, going back into the large room that served as both living room and bedroom, and was surprised to see a tall blond man back in through the back door that she had left open in order to get more air flowing through the dwelling.

"Who are you and what are you doing in my apartment?" she asked angrily, then gasped as he spun around.

"Oh great," he thought as he saw the recognition flash across her green eyes. "Out of the frying pan into the fire."

"I am sorry. I was just looking for a place to hide for a few minutes."

Behind him she could hear the sound of girls calling and looked out the window, down at the crowd of teenagers who were walking along the alley.

"You better get away from the door then," she said, drawing him deeper into the room, and pulling the door closed. Then, remembering her manners, she introduced herself and offered him her sandwich.

He laughed, his eyes taking in her slight frame. "No, its okay. Thank you. You don't mind if I just sit for a little while. Until they are gone?"

She shrugged her shoulders, "whatever."

He looked around the small, bare room, and at the boxes stacked in the corner. "You just moved in?"

"Yeah. My first apartment."

Nick noted how much her eyes lit up when she answered. "Lucky you."

"Umm. Look, I know who you are. So what are you doing in this part of town?"

"What? I am on the wrong side of the tracks?" he teased.

She laughed. "Not really, but I figured you'd be in some posh hotel suite, lounging around."

"That is exactly where I didn't want to be," he frowned. Then, at her quizzical gaze, said, "I just wanted some peace, some time to myself."

She smiled, putting him at ease. "I know what you mean. That is why I moved out. And why I am ssssooo glad that my phone doesn't get connected until tomorrow." She rolled her eyes heavenward. "Parents," she said with disgust.

He laughed again. "Its funny," he thought. "A few minutes ago I just wanted to be alone, now I don't want to leave."

"Well, if you're not going to eat this, I am," she said as so bit into one of the sandwich pieces. He grabbed the other piece and did likewise. "Hey, that's my sandwich!" she tried to yell, but the peanut butter stuck to the roof of her mouth just enough to make her words come out all wrong.

It sounded so funny that Nick couldn't stop laughing. He leaned back on the sofa, tears streaming down his face, chuckling deeply.

Steph tried to cover her embarrassment, but it really was amusing, and so was his reaction. She started to laugh as well.

After a few minutes they both slowed their giggles, and Nick looked at her, flashing that patented Carter smile. "You have some jam…" he pointed to her face. Then leaned in and licked it off the side of her mouth.

The feel of his tongue on her skin send shivers through Steph. She turned her head slightly and his lips brushed hers. He leaned back for a moment, smiling, and said, "you taste so good" then captured her mouth with his lips.

His tongue felt rough and soft at the same time, as he expertly ran it across hers. Steph moaned and ran her fingers through his silken blond hair, pulling him closer, deeper. He stroked her face, neck, with his long strong fingers, delighting in the feel of her supple skin.

He lay a trail of kisses down her neck, relishing the way she twisted her body in response. She kissed his cheek, then worked her way to his ear, slowly using her tongue to outline the lobe, then biting down on it. It wasn't a brutal nip, but it sent shock waves down his body and he gasped with pleasure. "God, Steph, do you have any idea what you are doing to me?" he whispered huskily.

Steph knew; she could feel his interest against her thigh, but was far too interested in what he was doing to her. Is this what it was supposed to feel like? What it never felt like with Andy? She felt like she was on fire and the only thing that could put out the blaze was Nick.

He slowly undid the buttons on her shirt, then dove down, blowing a spiral of hot breath over her breast. He was rewarded by seeing her nipples harden under the fabric of her bra. It felt good, but not good enough and he quickly unclasped the catch to reveal her firm flesh. He groaned as his mouth closed over her dark, inflamed nipple.

Stephanie gasped at the feel of his mouth and slid her fingers down the neck of his t-shirt, stroking his muscular back. He moved slightly, allowing her to remove his top, then slid his powerfully built body along hers. She licked a finger and drew the wet tip down his back, reveling in the way he drove his body down harder on hers as he felt the touch. His mouth was still busy on her breasts, then moved lower, and plunged his tongue into her bellybutton. He lifted his head, noting her flushed face, and then growled, "those have got to go" as he undid her shorts and pulled them off.

She lay exposed to him, covered only by a light pair of panties. She felt shy and sensual all at the same time as his eyes wandering their way across her body. "You are so beautiful…" he murmured. Then he slid down, and began to rub his nose against her panties, before brushing the soaked fabric aside and kissed her lower lips.

Steph gasped and arched her back, forcing his tongue deeper into her crevice. His powerful hands held her hips down against the sofa while his tongue danced within her. She tried to twist, to stop the sweet fire that was building in her, but he wouldn't release his grip.

"Nick! No, please…I can't take it," she moaned, then whimpered in disappointment as he raised his head.

"Relax, Stephanie, let me do this for you." He said before returning to his task.

He slid a finger into her, still tonguing her swollen clit and she cried out. He slid another in and then another. His hands couldn't restrain her any longer as she curved her hips forward, opening herself even more to him. Her hands grasped his back convulsively as her orgasm built and then broke and she screamed his name in ecstasy. He drunk in her voices as they flowed from her, enjoying the taste of her pleasure.

When she could breath again she looked down at him and smiled. "Thank you."

"No, thank you."

"Not yet, but you will," she said as she flipped him over quickly, her body straddling his, and slowly undid the zipper on his pants to release his swollen member.

"Steph, you don't have to…Oh god!" he said as her mouth closed over the head of his penis. She taste the flavour of his precum, then licked quickly over the tip, eliciting another deep moan, before running her lips down the side of his erection and up the other. She could feel the pulse of his heart through the large vein, and then, moving to the top again, took him deep into her mouth.

"That feels so good," he moaned. "Oh baby, don't stop." He ran his fingers through her long hair.

Steph continued to work on him, getting more and more turned on by the sound of his voice as he told exactly what he was feeling. She could hear from his words, and feel from the increasing stiffness of his erection that he was close and she moved a hand underneath him, stroking the sensitive skin of his balls and grazing his anus lightly. He grabbed her head tightly, holding her in place, then screaming as his orgasm washed over him, shooting over and over again deep into her throat. Steph had a hard time swallowing the large amount of cum that he released, but did so quickly, loving the salty taste of him. She suckled softly on him as he started to relax.

He pulled her up to him, kissing her and tasting himself. "You were right. Thank you."

Steph giggled, delighting in the look on his face. He sighed and ran his hands over her body, feeling her silky skin. He moved his fingers along her thighs then, up into her again. He turned to her quickly, and grinned. "Oh dear. You seem to be losing fluids. I think I should do something to stop that."

She smiled sexually at him and asked why he intended to do about it, then gasped as he spread her legs and began to enter her.

"I think I should start by plugging up the hole," he whispered then groaned as her walls closed over him.

She gasped at the size of him. He lay still for a moment, letting her get used to the feel of him so deep inside her, then surged forward. She wrapped her lags around his waist, giving her greater access to her and he plunged deeper and deeper into her. His hands went up to her hair, fingers tangling in her blonde strands, pulling her head back and exposing her neck. He nibbled her soft skin, his body still slamming deeply into her body. "God, Steph, you are so tight. You feel so good."

Stephanie was being carried away on wave after wave of bliss. All she could do is lie back, and gasp his name over and over again.

Nick wanted to hold back, to let this glorious sensation last, but as he felt her walls tighten around him, heralding her orgasm, he was unable to hold back. He slammed harder and harder into her, his erection growing bigger as he reached his peak. They came together, screaming their joy. Then the only sounds in the room were those of their ragged breath.

"Wow. I should run away from fans more often," Nick said, kissing her brow.

"Hmm. What a nice way to break in a new apartment," Stephanie replied.

He laughed. "You know, I haven't seen any more of it than this room… I wonder what we could do in the kitchen… or the bathroom…."

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