Challenge Story

My friend Dani (who writes the Grace Trilogy) recently sent these pictures out, with a challenge to "write a short story about them." Well, this is what I came up with. I tried to come up with a title, but nothing worked well. So I am just leaving it as "Challenge Story".

I hope you find is humourous.

Rating: NC-17 - Comedy with Sex and Slash

Once upon a time there was this man called Howard. Howard had this big lug of a friend call Nickolas, though everyone called him Nicky cos he was a bit of an effeminate man, despite his Neanderthal appearance.

Both Nicky and Howard liked to sing a lot, and even formed a vocal group with three others: Larry, Curly and Moe. They were quite popular and won lots of awards. Girls worshipped them, which made Nicky quite uncomfortable because girls scared him. Especially ones with big twin breasts.

One day, Howard decided that he was going to cure Nicky of his fear. He thought about taking him through a 12-step program to rid him of it, but decided that was a bit excessive. Besides, if word got out they might lose some of the more fickle girls who worshipped them, and Howard didn't want that to happen as he had become addicted to the smell of the incense.

He decided to send Larry, Curly and Moe out to find some girls to try and help Nicky over his problem. He went to Nicky's room at their hotel and told him that he would soon be visited by 3 ghosts who would help him with his problems. Nicky looked at him strangely, shrugged - because he assumed there had been a fresh batch of incense - then ushered him out the room and decided to have a shower. No sooner had he turned the faucets on than there was a tap tap at the door.

Nicky thought it was just Howard coming back with another inane story, complete with made up words and “stuff like that,” so ignoring his scantily clad appearance he opened the door.

It was the girl that Larry had picked. And she was a doozy! Tall and thin, with long blonde hair, she had breasts that preceded her entrance into the room. Nicky was terrified and jumped behind the door to hide himself. He stuttered and sputtered and tried to think of a way to exorcise the ghost, but he couldn't think of a one.

The ghost said, "hello, my name is Leighla and I am here to help you with your fear of women.”

“Women? I have no fear of women!” Nicky squeaked, but Leighla just laughed, and dropped to her knees. She pushed her head around the door and gave Nicky a reason to actually enjoy some of the things that women could do.

Nicky had recovered and was once again preparing for his shower when the door opened again and the woman that Curly had selected appeared. She was a pale skinned woman with very dark hair – almost blue-black in colour. She also had ample assets. She looked him up and down then pushed him against the door, so that half of him was in the room and half of him out. Then she grabbed his arms and handcuffed his hands behind his back. “You should be afraid of women – they are powerful beasts who will ride you hard and put you away wet. But that isn’t what will cause you fear – for you will very much enjoy that. What will terrify you is that you will never understand them. You do not have the capacity to understand them and that shall always hold you captive. Just as I have you as my captive now.” Then she stood in front of him and made him lick her ample breasts while she made loud, weird noises.

Nicky was starting to get really frightened, and was having trouble comprehending the nasty words and demands she was hissing at him when suddenly Curly ran down the hall and flung the ghost over his shoulder. He flung the key to the handcuffs at Nicky and told him to bring them to his room later as he’d have a need for them, then carried the girl into his room and slammed the door shut.

It took Nicky a while to get the handcuffs off, and while he thought about taking them to Curly, as he had requested, he was concerned about the thunderous shouts that were coming from Curly’s room. Also, he remembered that Howard had told him there were three ghosts coming and, after several counts of the fingers on his hand he managed to figure out that there was still one more to arrive. He sat down patiently on the bed and waited.

Finally there was a knock on the door and he opened it. There stood a svelte blonde woman with small breasts, but a large and happy grin. She didn’t look scary in the least. He returned her smile and asked if she was the third ghost. “No,” she said. “I am a dancer.”

Nicky frowned. “But that doesn’t make sense. I am expecting a ghost. Howard said so.”

“Howard told Moe to send me to you to help you with your dread of women. Moe thought long and hard about this and decided that maybe some one who was more boyish would be able to help you through it.”

Nicky sighed. “I wish you had come earlier. But what can a dancer help me with?”

“Let me show you,” she murmured, and then her eyes dropped to the appendage hanging on his front. “I see you have thought long and hard about this too,” she said, as she looked at the thing that Ghost #1 had played with. Nick frowned again, and then remembered that his encounter with the first ghost hadn’t been too bad. Suddenly, the dancer lifted one of her legs up so that it touched the top of the doorframe. She leaned forward and then totally sucked Nicky’s appendage inside her.

Nicky felt a tingle all the way through his body. It felt wet and tight and wonderful, but he couldn’t shake this fear that he would never see the appendage again. He had grown quite attached to it. He was going to complain but the dancer ghost started to bounce up and down and the tingly feeling got more pronounced. He had begun to really enjoy the sensation when she started to make sounds sort of like the second ghost had.

Now he was really scared. He tried to pull away, but she just bounced, and shouted, harder. Then she did a very weird thing. She reached around to his back and ran a finger across his butt. Then, she shoved that finger, and then another, up, into his body. The rumpus in his body got suddenly more fantastic, and he lost all concern about his missing appendage. After all, a person’s fingers were a lot more important, and if she was willing to risk losing her fingers to him, he could handle losing that attachment.

She pushed hard inside him one more time and out of the blue little fireworks went off in Nicky’s head. And they were magnificent! The dancer ghost gave a happy shout and yelled his name very loudly in his ear. As he recovered from the ringing in his ear, she brought her leg down from the doorframe and let his member fall from her body. He was very happy to see it, despite the fact that it had shrunk a lot. Then she removed her fingers from behind his back. Oddly, that upset him even more and made him feel very unhappy.

The ghost sighed and said, “now I hope that makes you fear girls less,” then kissed him and walked down the hall.

Nicky closed the door and sat down on the bed. It hadn’t made his fear less, but it had increased his confusion level. Obviously, whether they had big chests or not, girls liked his appendage. But when it came right down to it, he didn’t understand them. And he really didn’t like breasts.

There was another knock on the door and Nicky stared at it in confusion. There weren’t supposed to be any more ghosts! He’d counted over and over again, and three ghosts had come! The knock sounded again and he quickly removed his sock so he could count on his feet just in case his hands were broken. Nope. They were right. Three ghosts had been there.

“Nicky? Are you alright?” Howard’s voice called through the closed door and Nicky gave a sigh of relief. Howard! Howard would explain it all to him!

He rose and let Howard into the room, then sank down on the bed again. “I tried, Howard. I really tried. And while I don’t fear women as much - at least not blonde ones – I still don’t get them. They just don’t make me feel comfortable.”

Howard sighed and asked Nicky to explain everything that happened. After a while he turned to Nicky and asked him to get up and stand against the door. He examined Nicky’s appendage, then turned him around so he could look at Nicky’s back. Suddenly Nicky could feel something edging its way inside of him and he turned to see Howard putting his appendage in him.

“How does this feel, Nicky?” Howard asked, with a strange husky voice.

“Wonderful,” Nicky replied honestly.

“Okay Nicky, I am going to push inside you some more, and I want you to hold onto your member.”

Howard moved forward and Nicky sighed happily as that tingly feeling started again. He reached down to hold his appendage as Howard had asked and was surprised to see that it had grown to the same size it had been before the dancer had swallowed it in her body. Howard kept pushing in and out of Nicky, faster and faster and Nick found that he had to keep moving his hands up and down on his attachment, just to hold it properly. Oddly enough, he found that it made the blissful feeling get even better. Howard started to say strange things, and rather than being confused, Nicky felt like saying the same things back to Howard.

Suddenly Howard gave a loud yell, and Nicky’s insides seemed to get all gooshy. Nicky didn’t mind because he felt those fireworks again, and because his appendage suddenly started to shoot things at the door. After that his legs couldn’t hold him up and he collapsed against the door, Howard leaning on his back.

There was a knock at the door, and Nicky slowly opened it. Curly was there, with a mischievous grin. “Can I have those handcuffs now?” he asked as he looked at Nicky, with Howard at his back. Howard leaned over and grabbed the handcuffs from the floor, giving them to Curly. Then he rested against Nicky, with a grin on his face.

Curly grinned back and said that he would leave the two of them alone.

Nick finally turned to Howard and asked what all this meant.

“Well, Nicky,” Howard said. “It means that you won’t have to worry about girls again. That you are going to be my special friend from now on.”

Nicky liked that idea, because Howard had always had the most patience with him, and had gone to a lot of trouble to help him discover that girls weren’t for him. And he said so to Howard.

The End.

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