In Deep Waters

Chapter Three: Island Love

Diana arrived at Nick's house at noon the next day. Right on schedule. The house didn't look as huge as it had when she first saw it. "Must be getting used to it," she thought as she rang the doorbell.

Nick opened the door. He was wearing surf trunks and a pair of glasses and gnawing on a piece of toast.

"You look like you were partying all night," she said.

"Not really. I had to kick AJ and Celeste out at about one, but BJ was over here early. I think Jonathan said something about liking another girl. She's heartbroken."

"Poor girl," Diana commiserated. "Is she okay?"

"Yeah, just mopey."

"First crushes are the worst."

"This isn't her first crush," Nick said as he let her into the kitchen. "First she had one on Howie. That was the annoying. He couldn't come over with out her mooning all over the place. Then she got one on Justin Timberlake from N'Sync. Do you have any idea how embarrassing it is when you are a Backstreet Boy and your sister's bedroom is covered with pictures of N'Stink?"

Diana laughed, and accepted a glass of orange juice. Nick pointed to the picnic basket on the table. "I hope you are not hungry right now. I packed a basket for later, I thought we could get a dive or two in first."

"S'okay," Diana replied. 'I had breakfast about an hour and half ago. I can last for a while."

They went outside, around the pool and down to the dock. Together they loaded up the boat with fins, masks, snorkels and tanks. Nick had insisted that they wouldn't be needing wetsuits because where they were going wasn't that deep, so Diana just dropped her light bag with sunscreen and extra mask in the back of the boat. Nick ran back up to the house to get the picnic basket and then they were off.

Nick expertly steered the boat up the short channel and then out into the open sea. He acted as tour guide, pointing out various houses of friends and interesting sights. After about a half an hour travel they arrived at their first dive spot: a sunken boat that was covered in coral and urchins. It seemed to be a haven for angelfish of all sizes and colors. Diana was surprised when one came up and "ate" the air bubbles of her leg. It tickled.

After about an hour they headed off to their new destination; Nick's special place. It turned out to be a small island. Nick anchored the boat and jumped into the water. He gestured her to pass him the picnic basket, and, holding it above his head, he swam over to the small beach and deposited it. Between the two of them it only took a few trips to get all the tanks and equipment over to the island, which, according to Nick, was going to be their base camp for a while.

Nick took her for a short dive at the north side of the small island. The coral reef extended from the island out for as far as Diana could see. The colours were riotous, and she was once again struck by the noise. Nick gestured for her to follow and they dove deeper down. He suddenly stopped and pointed ahead of him, and she saw a small octopus crawling over the rocks. It saw them and pushed itself away with a short burst of ink.

"That was incredible," Diana enthused once they reached the water's surface, and Nick returned her wide grin.

They were both ravenous by this point and returned to the beach for a picnic. Afterwards Diana settled down for a bout of sunbathing as she waited for the food to digest.

She had only been relaxing for a short time when she felt something on her leg. She looked down to see Nick tickling her with a bird's feather that he had found. She shrieked and kicked sand at him, and he retaliated in kind. She throw him down on his back and proceeded to tickle him. Much to her delight she discovered that he was extremely ticklish. She was enjoying herself so much she was surprised when he suddenly throw her back, straddled her waist and tickled her. She had never been very ticklish, but he was an expert and soon had her crying with laughter. Then he leaned down and kissed her.

She looked up at him surprised, "Nick...:

"Shh," he said and kissed her again, his soft lips caressing hers. Diana tried not to respond; he was more than ten years younger than her, but found herself opening her mouth and darting her tongue into his now open mouth. He stroked her face, then her neck with his hands. She responded by pulling his head down, deepening the kiss. When he finally pulled back they were both breathless.

"Somehow I knew I would be an idiot if I let Kevin have you," he murmured as he laid a trail of butterfly kisses across her face.

"This is not what I expected..." She began, but he silenced her with another one of his kisses.

"This is exactly what I planned," he said, nibbling on her bottom lip. Using hands and mouths they teased each other into a frenzy. Diana's eyes were dilated with passion as he rolled, then sucked at her breasts. She ran her fingers along his long taut back, sending shivers up his spine. She opened her mouth and ran her teeth lightly along his right shoulder. He moaned and sucked harder on her nipple, causing her to moan in answer.

He lifted his head and gazed with mischievous blue eyes at her. "You taste like salt," he grinned.

"So do you." She said, then realizing what was happening tried to pull herself out from underneath him.

"Hey, you are not going anywhere."

"Nick, please. This is ridiculous, let me up."

"This is ridiculous? he said kissing her neck roughly. "Or is this ridiculous?" he said as he caressed her breast and stomach. "Or maybe this is what is ridiculous," he said as he plunged his hand into her bathing suit bottom and rubbed his fingers through her wetness. Diana moaned deeply as his fingers brushed her clit. "God, Diana, I want you so badly."

Nick slid down her body, and pulled her suit off, before diving forward, his tongue darted into her. Diana writhed in passion as he licked, slurped and nibbled on her. She kept saying, "no, don't do that," which rapidly became, "no, don't stop." Quickly she felt her body clench and then rock with a strong orgasm, which left her gasping. Nick licked up all of her juices, before moving up her body and looking her straight in the eye.

"So. Am I still just a boy?" Diana didn't answer him, just pulled his head down and kissed him, licking away her juices from his face. She ran her hands down his chest and found his thick, turgid manhood beneath the cloth of his swim trunks. She rubbed it, causing it to get thicker and Nick to groan in her mouth. Then she flipped him back on the sand, leaned down and licked the top of his now exposed penis. He groaned again as she moved his length deep into her mouth. She nibbled quickly on the head before sucking him in again. It was now his turn to writhe as she moved her mouth over him, sliding a hand under him and stoking his anus softly with her fingertip. He shouted her name as he came, bucking in her mouth as she swallowed over and over again. Diana's loins began to ache again with desire as this happened. Her rational side tried to get her attention, but she wasn't interested in anything other than the man underneath her. Or rather on top of her, as Nick rolled her onto her back.

"God, I want you."

"You said that all ready, " Diana purred.

"Yeah, and now I am going to have you," he said as he reached inside the picnic basket and extracted a condom.

"Is that why you were so protective of the basket?" Diana asked, then gasped as he quickly put on the rubber and then poised himself at her entrance. He slowly moved in, an inch at a time, then surged forward with a quick shove. He felt huge within her, and she moaned as he rammed himself in and out of her.

"Fuck me, Nick," she murmured into his ear as he ran her fingers through his hair. "Fuck me hard."

"You are so tight," he moaned, then groaned again as she clenched her vaginal muscles. He stroked over and over, deeper and deeper. Diana squirmed beneath him, and he told her exactly how much she was turning him on. This only made her more frantic, and she slammed her hips hard against his, trying to pull him deeper into her. He could feel his orgasm building and tried hard to pull back, to make the lovemaking last longer, but Diana wouldn't let him. She clenched him tighter, saying her mantra, "Fuck me, Nick," over and over again, and he couldn't hold it off any longer. Neither could she, and they both exploded with mutual orgasms.

Nick lay on top of her, unable to move. Diana sighed and kissed him on the chin.

"Okay, not the kind of diving I expected," she said.

He laughed and withdrew from her, though he stayed on top of her, stroking and kissing her. He suddenly jumped and swore.

"What's the matter?" Diana asked.

"I don't know. Something just hit me."

He turned to the side, and Diana had a good look at his strong back and firm rear end. Then burst into laughter.

"What?" he said self-consciously.

"You have..." Diana laughed. "A bird got you on the butt."

Nick looked behind him, and sure enough there was a huge drop of bird poo on his rear end. He hopped up and ran into the water, cursing as he washed it off. Diana just sat there, naked, on the beach laughing.

"Think that's funny, do you?" Nick said, rising like a male Venus from the water. He grabbed her and carried her into the water where he dropped her. Then dove in after her, grabbing her around the waist and twisting his body around her. She ran her hands over his body, slapping his butt and massaging his manhood. He groaned and kissed her deeply. The two ended up, once again, rolling on the beach in romantic abandon.

"So," Nick said, as he finally lay back, satiated. 'You never answered my question."

"Which one?"

"Am I still just a boy?" he grinned.

"Well..." and then shrieked as he started tickling her. 'Stop it! Okay, you're not a boy."

"Hmm," he muttered as he nibbled on her neck.

Diana grabbed his head and looked him straight in the eye, "you are definitely all man."

"Okay, good," he said, getting up quickly. "Then I'll stop trying to convince you."


Laughing he pulled her up and into his arms, kissing her soundly. They then pulled their suits back on and went for another dive off the island. They then packed up the boat and headed back to shore. Diana was exhausted after her exertions and soon drifted off the sleep in the back of the boat. She woke to the sound of lapping of waves against the dock, and someone lapping at her waist. Nick drove his fingers deep in her, waking her fully as an orgasm swept through her.

"Oh God, Nick," she sighed. "What are you doing to me?"

"Making sure Kevin doesn't stand a chance."

"I think you did that earlier," she smiled, and pulled him in for a kiss.

Nick chuckled. "Maybe. I'll just have to keep doing this until I am convinced," he kissed her again.

Leaving the things in the boat they walked up to the house hand in hand.

Chapter 4