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In Name Only

Chapter 11: Wedding

Kevinís head dropped back and he tried hard to repress a moan. God, what Howieís lips did to him. He looked down at the other manís head as he moved his way down Kevinís chest, suckling his nipples, then tracing the appendix scar. Howie ran his chin along the ripped muscles on Kevinís abdomen, the bristles of his beard tickling the hard, but oh-so sensitive skin. It elicited another gasp of pleasure. He flicked his tongue into Kevinís belly button, then twirled his tongue around the other rim. He could feel Kevinís member getting harder and harder as it moved, reflexively, against his shoulder. The glistening drop of precum on the tip wiped across Howieís neck and he couldnít hold back any more. He moved down and pulled the other man into his mouth.

He had to open his mouth wide to take in all of Kevinís size, running his tongue along the dominant vein. Kevin moved his hands through Howieís hair, holding him in place, arching forward a bit, begging for more. The sensations of Howieís mouth were driving him insane. Howie knew exactly what to do to turn Kevin on; something Kevin had rarely experienced with anyone else. "Maybe it takes a man to know what a man wants," he thought, then the theory fled his mind as his orgasm broke and he bucked wildly, crying out his ecstasy.

Howie sucked back all of Kevinís juices, savouring the salty-sweet taste. He crawled back up so that he lay next to his lover. His own member was so hard it hurt, and his eyes begged Kevin for some release. But he knew he would never get the release he wanted. Whatever else, Kevin had never allowed Howie inside him. That was the one of the many things that made Howie realize that this would never last. Kevin may go down on him, and the way he moved when he was inside him, god! But never that. Kevin was heterosexual and this affair would never change that.

Kevin was recovering now, and Howie opened his mouth to say something, but Kevin plunged his tongue in, and Howieís words turned to small gasps. He had to do something, but when he felt Kevinís fingers enter his anus, then his member edge across his rim, he could do nothing but lose himself in the rapture.

Two weeks and counting. The Firm had finally convinced Howie and Kat to have a small press conference. They had been avoiding it, but the rapid wedding plans was causing a lot questions.

"Miss Morgan? How long have you known Howie?"

"Kat? Over here? Will you be wearing white?"

"Howie, why the rushed wedding? A little one on the way?"

The questions were coming fast and furious. Howie leaned forward to answer the questions, but Kat pushed him back lightly, shaking her head. "Iím going to have to do this something, love."

She cleared her throat, and hid her shaking hands under the table. "Iíve known Howie for almost a year. I had the extreme good luck to get to know him before I found out who he was. As I am sure he can attest, I was a little annoyed at him when I did found out," she glanced at him and he grinned.

"Hey, I told you from day one. You didnít believe me."

"Where did you meet?"

Howie answered, picking Katís hand up from under the table and placing it on the table, with his still wrapped around it. "We met online, if you can believe it." He flashed the audience one of his big smiles. "Amazing what you can find on the Internet." He was rewarded with a smattering of chuckles.

"Imagine my surprise when the guy I had assumed was a Howie poser wasnít. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I was all ready in love with him," Kat said, looking at Howie, eyes shining.

"Unfortunately?" a voice piped from the crowd.

Kat turned back to the cameras and smiled. "Well, its okay to have a crush on a famous singer, but to fall for one? Itís hard enough finding someone to love. Having one who is so far out of your usual sphere is hard."

"Good thing, this "famous singer" felt the same way about you," Howie said, kissing her quickly, ignoring the surge of camera flashes.

She touched his face lightly, smiling, "yeah."

"Kat you are older than Howie. How is that going to impact on your marriage?"

She looked at the glossy reporter who had fired out that question, frowning slightly. "It means Iíll have more candles on my birthday cake than he will."

She turned back to Howie. "You gonna trade me in for a younger model in a few years?"

"WellÖ" he teased, and pulled her out of her seat, onto his lap. "No way!"

He turned back to the media. "And no, there are no little Doroughs on the way. Yet."

"Then why the hurry?"

"If you had a beautiful woman like this, would you wait around?" He kissed her again, still not letting her off of his lap. "Also we have a tour schedule coming up, and that constrains us a little. We want to have a honeymoon, and I donít think Kat wants to have to share me with four other guys and the fans we have worldwide."

"Are the other guys cute?" Kat said, batting her eyelashes innocently.

He laughed, tickled her, and kissed her again. "If youíll excuse us, I think I have to remind my future wife to stop being so cheeky."

He stood, pulling Kat up, then posed for a few shots, engagement ring showing. He continued to cuddle her and hug her throughout, and she did the same.

Then it was over. Kat heaved a big sigh as she saw the last of the reporters shoulder their bag and head out.

"You are really good at that," Howie said confidentially in her ear, as he wrapped his arms around her.

"It worked? I wasnít sure."

"It was great. All that teasing helped."

Kat glanced over his shoulder at Kevinís scowl. "Not totally."

Howie didnít need to turn. "Heíll have to get used to it," he said firmly, not willing to look at the other man.

"You two are fighting more. I have ears, Howie, donít deny it."

"Yeah. I think its run its course. Lose a lover, gain a wife. Lucky me." He struggled to keep the pain out of his voice.

"Damn him. He has no right to hurt you," Kat replied angrily, hugging him.

"I gave him the right," Howie said sadly.

"Hey! Lovebirds! Stop it. There are no cameras around!"

Kat chuckled. "Shut up, AJ. Youíre just jealous."

"Damn right. Howíd Howie manage to find someone as fine as you? I have got to spend more time on the Internet."

"Youíre jealous of Howie?" Kat said with a smirk. "I thought you were jealous of me. Getting to snuggle with this gorgeous man." She turned and gave Howie another peck on the cheek, before moving away.

"Sorry, babe. Heís not my type. So when are you gonna dump him for me? I am the better man, you know."

"Thatís Best man, Bone," Howie laughed.

"Thereís a difference?"

"Leave them alone Bone," Brian laughed. He gave Kat a hug. "That was fantastic. You even had Kevin convinced for a few moments there," he whispered quickly in her ear.

"Somehow I doubt that."

"You couldnít see his face. I could. He couldnít take his eyes of the two of you."

"Brian, they are about to end. I donít know what to do. Howie is desolate."

"Well, I canít deny that I am not happy to hear it. But if you need someoneís shoulder to cry on, youíve got it. Howieís gonna be crying on yours; youíll need some help too."


"Brilliant performance, Kat."

She turned to Kevin, hoping he hadnít heard anything she and Brian had been whispering about. "Thank you, Kevin."

"I wonder who really bought it?" he mused cruelly.

She glanced around; making sure no one else was nearby. "For your sake, I hope everyone did. Its your ass Iím covering as much as Howieís."

He jerked back at the acid in her tone. "So hereís where it finally comes out. What kind of blackmail am I going to get, Kat?"

"Only one. Stay away from me, Kevin. Accept this and support it with a smile on your face, I donít care how false it is. And donít you ever hurt Howie again."

"Thatís three things," he bit back.

"Wow! You can count. I thought you may have missed that day at Asshole school," Kat spat and walked away.


"Well, two out of three isnít bad, I guess," Kat thought as she held a sobbing Howie. Two days to the wedding and Kevin decides to tell him it is over. One last "her or me" for the road. Damn him to the seventh level of Hades! Didnít he realize how vulnerable Howie was? This is no time for head games.

"Come on, sweetie. Itíll be okay," she said, trying to calm his weeping.

"Why is he doing this?" Howie wailed.

Kat could think of lots of reasons, but Howie didnít need to hear that kind of language right now. "I donít know. Heís upset and jealous..."

"Why? He knows how I feel about him."

"He also knows you are getting married in a few days. Heíd have to share you with someone whom, letís face it, he canít stand. Whatever else, the idea of adultery probably doesnít make him feel good."

Howie laughed caustically. "So Iím okay to fuck if I am single, but if I am married I am suddenly untouchable?"

"Howie, I didnít mean it that way. Damn, I canít say anything right." The depths of his sorrow were killing her.

"Kat, I want to make this work," Howie said brushing back his tears.

"Of course it will, Howie. Donít worry."

"Thatís not what I mean."

She frowned at the serious look on his face. "What?"

"In two days we get married. That night; our wedding night. I want to make love to you."


The wedding went smoother than I thought; Kat mused as she sat back at the head table, next to Howie. The service was nice. Long, for someone who was not brought up Catholic. Howie had looked incredibly handsome in his dark gray, tie-less tuxedo. He had his hands clasped together; to hide their shaking, she later found out. She would have teased him about it, but her hands had been doing the same thing. AJ had stood beside him, his best man. He actually looked, well, normal for once. The only inkling of the real AJ was in the tiger-striped handkerchief that peeked out of his right breast jacket pocket. He saw her notice it and wiggled his eyebrows, making her chuckle.

Howie's brother John, and the other Backstreet Boys were also groomsmen. Except for Brian. When he heard that Katís family wouldnít be able to make it due to, of all things, an airline strike, he had elected to stand on her side as one of her attendants. She loved him for it. A show of support she hadn't expected and a nice offset to the scowling Kevin who stood on next to Nick, as far away from her as he could get.

Kat was scared. Howie had refused to back down on his promise. He was determined to consummate the marriage, despite all of her objections. She knew it was his way to thumb his nose at Kevin, but it wasnít something she was looking forward to. She wanted him; there was no arguing with that. The very thought of having him make love to her made her stomach do flips. But not this way. And how long could it last anyway? Much better not to go down that path.

He escorted her up to the Honeymoon Suite, leaning her against the door and kissing her deeply.

"Howie, we donít have toÖ"

"I want to. I want you, Kat."

"Its not like anyone is going to check the sheets or anything," she tried to joke.

"Funny girl," he said then silenced her protests with another searing kiss.

He opened the door, and picked her up. "Over the threshold. Donít ever say I donít know what I am supposed to do," he grinned and she giggled.

They moved together through the outer room, still kissing, but divesting themselves of jackets, veils and shoes. His kisses were stripping away all her fears. Sheíd worry about the implications in the morning.

He pushed the door to the bedroom open, still holding her tight. A noise caused them to break off quickly. Kevin was lying on the silken sheets; body covered by the top sheet, but the folds of the fabric made it clear he was naked. He smiled at Howie, ignoring her totally. "I thought Howie at least deserves a wedding night."

Kat saw the look of desire that flashed in Howieís eyes at the sight of his former lover. Then leaned over and kissed his cheek. "Have fun," she said as she pushed him forward and shut the doors behind her.

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