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In Name Only

Chapter 24: Just to be close to you

The sound check had taken longer than expected. A mixer had gone missing and it took forever to find it. Then a fuse had blown; shooting sparks causing a small fire that was put out briskly. By the time everything was fixed, everyone was exhausted and short-tempered. Howie was antsy to get back to the hotel and into Paulís arms. The others repaired to the bar for a few drinks. Kevin didnít have too many. He was afraid it would knock down the barriers he needed if he was to share a room with Kat, even for one night. But he also needed courage.

When he finally entered the room, Kat was all ready asleep, curled up on her bed. He sighed with relief. Maybe he could get through this.

He sat on the bed beside her, watching the slow rise and fall of her chest under the blankets. God, she was so beautiful. An angel. His angel. His guardian angel. Always protecting him without a second thought.

He brushed a stray lock of hair off of her face and she moved restlessly. He watched her lips press together and tired hard to ignore the reflex in his groin. Gary had fallen off the bed and he reached down and picked up the stuffed toy, smiling at the comical face. He put him back in Katís arms; his had brushing her breast by accident. She moaned slightly and the growing interest in his loins sparked higher. He had to get away from her. But he couldnít move. His heart was pounding and his mouth was dry. He sat there for a minute, willing his breath to slow, Finally; he sighed and leaned over to kiss her forehead, preparing to return to his side of the room.

"Kevin," she mumbled.

He sat stock-still; afraid he had woken her. "Iím right here," he whispered.

Her head turned towards his voice, eyes still closed. "KevinÖlove me," she murmured.

God! Was she serious? Did she want him as much as he wanted her? He couldnít hold back. He leaned over and kissed her soft, supple lips. She sighed, opening her mouth to him and he darted his tongue in, relishing her response. He deepened the kiss, then suddenly she pulled back. He looked in to her wide, open eyes, startled out of sleep, surprised to find him there.

"KevinÖ" she started, but he put his finger on her lips.

"Please, Kat. Let me love you. I want you so much."

He moved his finger away, watching the play of emotions on her face. He was sure that it was something similar to what was written on his face. Then she stopped, reached up and pulled his head down to hers, licking his bottom lip before pressing her mouth to his.

He moaned his pleasure, caressing her tongue with his. His hand stroked her face, her neck, tangling itself in her hair. Her arms went around his neck and he shifted his position, lying on the bed next to her. He kissed her cheek, her forehead, running his mouth all over her face before capturing her mouth again. Her fingertips traced his jawline, then the curve of his ear and he shuddered at the wave of pleasure that coursed through his body at her touch.

He nibbled on her neck, slowly and deliberately, and was rewarded by a sharp gasp. He moved his mouth over the nape of her neck, then jerked as her tongue entered his ear. He groaned loudly, his mouth still busy on her collarbone, as she concentrated on one of his more erogenous zones.

By the time he raised his head they were both breathless. He sat back, looking deeply into her eyes as he undid the buttons on his shirt. He was still removing it when her hand brushed across his chest, stroking his firm muscles, and gliding across his hardening nipples. He closed his eyes, reveling in the touch of her hand on his body. He slid the covers down further and pulled her nightshirt up and over her head to reveal her soft breasts. Kevin groaned as he lowered his head to them, kissing her pliant flesh. He used his mouth on one, then the other, switching places with his hands. She moaned and arched her back, pushing herself deeper into his grasp.

"God, do you know how long Iíve wanted you?" he moaned huskily looking up at her again.

"I knew this would be trouble. Being in the same room as you," she whispered in response, then gasped as his hand moved lower, finding the juncture of her legs. He stroked the thin fabric of her underwear, feeling the fluids that soaked the material, then pulled it aside, pushing his fingers under, stroking her moistness. She twisted again, as he ran his fingertip across her enflamed bud, gasping his name harshly.

He wanted to take it slowly, but his need was too great, He divested himself of his pants quickly and moved under the covers. He pulled her soaked panties down roughly, then positioned himself over her. He looked at her one last time, seeking permission. And she nodded.

He pushed forward; entering her with a guttural groan that was answered by her cry of surprise and pleasure. He lay there for a moment, letting her adjust to his size, luxuriating in the feel of her damp, tight walls around him. But he couldnít hold back for long. This is what he had dreamed of, and he thrust forward. She gasped and drove her hips forward to meet his.

"Oh gods, Kevin, I want you so much," she sighed.

All he could say was her name as he moved forward and back, still not believing that she was here in his arms.

Her legs moved around him, clasping his waist, allowing him deeper into her. Her could feel her tightening under him and moved faster, harder, deeper, unable to hold himself back as he slammed into her.

His orgasm rocked him, more powerful than he had ever felt before. He threw his head back, and her orgasm broke. The two pounded mindlessly against each other, trying to squeeze every last drop of pleasure, both shouting their joy, their release.


Kat lay under Kevin, body still reeling from the intensity of her orgasm. He was heavy on her, but it was a welcome weight. Gods, had it really happened? Had she really made love to him?

He slid out of her slowly and she couldnít repress a whimper when he finally left her body. He wrapped his long arms around her, kissing her. "Iíve wanted to do that for so long," he said huskily.

Her defences were gone. She was terrified by the power he had over her. By the knowledge that all he had to do was look at her and she would give herself to him as freely as she just had. "Husband and wife. Way to go, Kevin."

"Hey." He turned her head towards him, seeing her frightened eyes. "Thatís not it. Iíve wanted YOU, Kat. I think Iíve wanted you from the beginning. Always. Iíve fought it for so long. Please donít hate me for that."

The pain of her accusation was sharp on his face and she winced. "Itís justÖ"

"Kat, I want you. Not just tonight, but every night. I donít know how we could manage it, but please I need you so much."

She touched his face lightly, trying to caress the worry away. He turned his face, kissing her hand, his eyes still fixed in hers. He meant it. Gods, heíd really wanted her as much as sheíd wanted him.

"Weíll manage, Kevin. Weíll figure it out."

He traced her lips with his fingertip, then kissed her, moving his tongue into her mouth. She wrapped her fingers through his thick, short hair, pulling him deeper into the kiss.

"Iíll have to thank Paul for showing up," she giggled softly as he ran his whiskers over the sensitive flesh of her neck.

"Tomorrow," he growled as he claimed her mouth again.

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