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In Name Only

Chapter 26: Thinking outside of the box

"Oh gods, Kevin!" she gasped harshly, then buried her head into the pillow, screaming her release as he continued to thrust into her. His hands were still stroking her breasts, then moving down her body, pressing against her, pressing her swollen bud between his fingers and his member, forcing a second orgasm out of her, twin to his.

He panted her name over and over again in her ear, lips rubbing against the back of her neck. Even with him behind her she could feel his heartbeat through her body. She didnít know whose was beating faster; it felt that their hearts were as much in unison as their bodies had been.

That had been the, what? fourth? fifth? time since they had returned to the room. Sheíd lost count; didnít care about anything except the feel of his skin, the scent of his body, the taste of his sweat, the sound of his voice.

"We have to stop this," he murmured as he ran his tongue along the nape of her neck. "I have a concert to do in a few hours. Iím not going to be able to stand."

She giggled, and turned around to face him. "Then you better stop doing that."

"I canít," he said before kissing her again.

She moaned, but pushed him away. How had she managed that? "Kevin, stop."

He leaned back. "I better, hadnít I?"

Kat leaned over the side of the bed, pulling her shirt off the floor. She put it on and tried to do it up, but the tear down the front made it impossible.

"Did I do that?" he said, running his finger along the tear, caressing her skin. Then he moved the fabric aside, and stroked the hickey he had left on her breast, "and that?" He knew exactly what he was doing; making it hard for her to breathe, to do anything but throw herself back on him. She grabbed his hand, taking it away from the sensitive skin of her chest.

"I said stop, Kevin."

He smiled. "Okay. Youíre right. Iíll behave."

"Yeah, right."

"Come here," he commanded, pulling her into his arms, hugging her close.

She sighed. "Now I know why they call you Train."

He chuckled. "And I know why you are a Kat. I love the way you purr." She grinned and stretched languorously, cat-like.

"Donít do that," he moaned. "You know what it does to me."

They lay together, holding each other close. Her eyelids were getting heavy, and she had to force them open. Kevin had fallen asleep. He was so beautiful, his lightly tanned face relaxed. Kat reached up, running a fingertip across his cheek. "Hey, wake up."

He opened his eyes and she was stunned again by the deep pools of green. She swallowed, trying to fix the sudden dryness in her mouth. "You have a concert, remember?"

"Think theyíd notice if I skipped it?"

"Probably not. You donít do much on stage anyway," she teased.

"Hey!" he laughed as he tickled her, feeling her body squirm against his. He looked at her happy face. He couldnít believe it. He had her here, where he had wanted her for so long. Her shoulder length auburn hair spilled across the pillow, her deep brown eyes focussed totally on him. How could he have fought her for so long? Even when he was professing to hate her his body had still yearning for her. Time and time again she had stood up for him. Had stood up to him. And he had fought her because he was afraid of how much heíd wanted her.

He kissed her, rolling over, pulling her on top of him. He could feel her nipples hardening again, matching what he knew was happening in his groin. She was incredible. No woman had ever been able to keep up with him when this mood was on him. He wasnít a sex addict or anything, but every once in a while it happened; he wanted, needed, to have sex over and over again. It was unstoppable; had frightened away a few women in the past. It didnít happen often, and scared him as much as it did others. And she had keep up with him. Had pushed him; had taken him further than any one ever had. Howie had come close once, butÖ Howie!

He sat up quickly. Despite all the "open marriage" promises he knew that Howie and Kat had made, she was still his wife.

"What?" she asked bewildered by his sudden about face.

"Do you think he heard?"

She glanced at the opposite wall, knowing what he was asking. "I donít know."

"Kat, I have to askÖ have you ever slept with Howie?"

She frowned. "Slept, yes. Had sex, no. You know that, Kevin. Howie and I have never made any secret of it."

"But you can have an affair whenever you want, right?"

"But I havenít. Not until now."

He was silent.

She felt a surge of anger. Now, he was going to push her away. Despite what he had said, this was just a casual fling for him. "Damn you. I knew you would do this. I threw everything away for you. I betrayed my husband for you. Get away from me, Kevin." She climbed off of the bed, but he grabbed her arm, forcing her to stay.

"I just need to be sure, Kat."

"No matter what, no matter how much we were fighting, I have never lied to you, Kevin. Never. Why would I now?"

He picked up the box of condoms, now almost empty, and looked at her, a question in his eyes.

"Itís Howieís."

"Then why..."

"You know how heís always losing his bags. I keep a spare box with my stuff in case..." she shrugged.

He looked at her. "And you think that we betrayed him? I donít understand you. He has affairs. You help him have affairs. But if we..."

"Howie and I are both comfortable with his sexuality. Iím just not so comfortable with mine."

"You seemed very comfortable with it a short while ago."

She closed her eyes, trying to avoid this conversation. Finally she sighed. "I have been married to Howie for over a year. I love him. But it has never been a sexual thingÖ"

"And he has never..."

"Hush, Kevin. He has offered a few times. The most notable occasion was on our wedding night, but that didnít happen, did it?"

He flushed, remembering what he had done.

"Since I have been married to him I have not had sex with anyone," she took a deep breath. "And before that I hadnít had sex with anyone for almost three and a half years."

"WhaÖ youÖ," he stopped, bewildered. "Four and a half years?"

She shrugged. "Didnít really seem that long at the time. It just turned out that way. Howie knew. I think that is why he suggestedÖ But I wouldnít do it. I knew heíd never change his spots. And I never wanted to come in second place with him."

"Four and a half years?"

"Would you stop saying that!"

He gulped the words back. "Why? Why that long?"

"Like I said, it didnít seem so long at the time. I hardly noticed it, and was always surprised when I worked out the passage of time. Itís only been an issue recently."

He knew she was telling him that it was because of him, and pulled her into his arms. "I am such an idiot."

"You have said that before," she said softly, happy to be close to him again.

"What are we going to do? I thought I had it bad before, but I am not letting you go now. God, what you do to me," he moaned, kissing her again, driving her mouth open to his onslaught. She ran her tongue across his teeth, then stroking his with hers. She couldnít stop herself from rubbing her body against his hard flesh, running her fingers through his hair.

"Kev," she gasped as he moved his hand lower, kneading her stomach, then plunging a finger into her wetness. His other hand searched the bed frantically, finding the box of condoms and pulling one out. He pulled it in himself quickly, then began to slowly, inch by inch enter her. Her head rolled back, breath coming in short pants, body tensing as he moved forward.

"Say my name," he begged and she did as he asked. It was all she could say. All she could gasp. "God, you are so tight. Oh, Kat," he groaned, thrusting deeper and deeper. She twisted her hips slightly, tightening her internal muscles, and he swallowed audibly. Their orgasms came quickly, leaving them breathless.

Finally he pulled out of her, holding her tightly in his long arms, murmuring, "you are incredible."

"Not so bad yourself," she smiled.

"Iíve never been like this before. I could make love to you all day, all night, never stopping."

She kissed him. "And I wish you could. But, concert. Remember?"

"Damn." He looked at the clock, then back to her. "I am going to have to face him."

Howie. It always came back to Howie.

"Iíll tell him," Kat said, taking the responsibility on.

"No. Not yet. Let him have his time with Paul."

Kat was silent.

"Is that okay? I donít want to share this with anyone yet," he asked, concerned. "Just for now. Just for us."

She smiled at him. "Iíd like that. Iíd like it to be our secret. A better one than the others we share. Just your arms around me."

He sighed, "yeah. And yours around me."

They held each other, just enjoying in the silence, being together.

He shifted his arm, stroking her hair. "What theÖ" He lifted the box of condoms that he had just elbowed.

"What are you going to tell him about these?" Kevin asked.

Kat shrugged. "I forget to pack them?"

He chuckled. "We are going to need more though."

She smiled, taking the box from his hand. Then she grinned evilly at him. "Look. There is only one left. I bet itís lonely all on its own."

"We canít have that, can we?"

"My thoughts exactly."

Chapter 27