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In Name Only

Chapter 3: Too Much Information

"How do I love thee, let me count the ways," Kat thought as she logged on.

"I love you because you make me laugh, even when I feel like crying."

"I love you because you let me be me. Whoever that is at the time."

"I love you because you charge my intellect."

"I love you because you are so damn fine looking."

"I love youÖí

TheDster: Hey! What are you muttering? This thing doesnít have sound, remember.

KitKat: Hi, didnít realize you were there.

TheDster: Obviously. Wassup?

KitKat: Crappy day. I hate my life.

TheDster: Canít be that bad.

KitKat: Ha. Lot you know about the real world, Mr. Pop Star.

TheDster: Yikes! Donít yell at me!

KitKat: Iím not yelling. NOW IíM YELLING!

TheDster: LOL. The look on your face could cause milk to curdle.

KitKat: Gross! Thanks for that image!

TheDster: SO? What do you hate about your life?

KitKat: I hate life in general. My work sucks. I have had enough of writing boring stories about even more boring subjects. I am sick of working in an office. Co-workers always reading over your shoulder. No damn privacy.

TheDster: Ha! I can beat you hands down on the Ďno privacyí bit.

KitKat: Sigh. I know, D. You are the only bright spark in my day.

TheDster: Iím blushing.

She looked at the screen.

KitKat: No youíre not. Youíre preening again. Hey. Youíre all dressed up.

TheDster: Yeah, I have to leave early. Iím meeting the guys.

KitKat: Oh.

TheDster: Oh? What was that?

KitKat: Nothing. I just sometimes forget who you are, is all. Then you have to go gallivant around the world or off to some gala or awards show.

TheDster: Rather be here with you.

KitKat: Hey! No making this girl cry. ĎSpecially after the day Iíve had,

TheDster: LOL

TheDster: So what else is troubling you?

KitKat: Can we talk about something else?

TheDster: Spill, Kat.

KitKat: Thereís this guyÖ

TheDster: Okay. TMI

KitKat: You, silly!

TheDster: Oooooo, more, more!

KitKat: Goof! LOL. Its just Iíve been spending so much time with you I forget I am supposed to have a life. You have one. You look really good, BTW. Very hot.

TheDster: Iím gonna blush. LMAO. Kat?

KitKat: What?

TheDster: You reminded me of a question that I wanted to ask.

KitKat: Waiting here!

TheDster: LOL. K. How come you never go out on dates?

TheDster: Kat?

TheDster: Still there?

KitKat: Yep.

TheDster: So.

KitKat: No one ever asks me.

TheDster: Come on? A beautiful girl like you?

KitKat: Sorry, D. You are the only one who thinks that.

TheDster: What are you talking about? Youíre PHAT!

KitKat: Yep. But you spelled it wrong. Its FAT!

TheDster; Donít start this again!

KitKat: Not in the mood to fight. Okay, I havenít had a date since we met because I havenít had a date in three years. And counting.

TheDster: I am going to come up there and kick some male butts.

KitKat: LOL. Could you? Seriously, itís no big deal. I am kind of used to it. I donít miss it. Sex or anything. I do other things.

TheDster: Details, please! LOL

KitKat: Ha Ha! Very funny, monkey suit boy!

TheDster: Hey! You said you liked what I was wearing.

KitKat: Shaddup, Peacock! Iím being deep here.

TheDster: J

KitKat: As I was saying, sex is irrelevant. It fades anyway. What is important is what is left behind. That is real love! Seeing as I have never met a man who I can get to that point with, or even want to, I doubt itíll ever happen.

TheDster: Deep

KitKat: LOL. Oh stop it! How come you donít date? Or do you?

She sat poised, trying hard not to look too anxious for the camera. Damn, that camera. It is hard to hide facial expressions.

TheDster: I date. Just not on nights when we meet.

KitKat: Oh.

TheDster: Did I upset you? Weíve never talked about this before.

KitKat: Its okay. I just been getting a little possessive. At least I have you in type. LOL

TheDster: You have me more than that and you know it.

KitKat: Thanks D.

It didnít stop her from crying herself to sleep though. She got used to the idea. I mean, she could do nothing other. Of course heíd be out and about. She reconciled herself to the fact that she had in one way that no one else did. Kind of like that sexless love she had nattered about.

Whoever he was seeing he was close-lipped about it and she wasnít too surprised. I mean, despite the man he was online, he was still Howie D, Backstreet Boy. And she didnít really want to know. Okay, she did, but stillÖ.

It was a few weeks after their conversation.

TheDster: Hi. Just here for a second. A friend came over.

Kat could see what kind of friend. She was lying under the covers in his bed, and he looked like he had just gotten up: hair wild and a bit flushed. Kat felt a surge of jealousy. This was NOT something she needed to see.

KitKat: Its okay. I have work to do. Bye!

TheDster: Hey! Donít go. I have a few minutes.

KitKat: Howie, this is not a good time for youÖ.

TheDster: Yeah, but I promised weíd chat tonight. And I wanted to ask what you thought of the new John Cusack movie you were so hyped about seeing. You went last night, right?

KitKat: It can wait.

TheDster: Tell me! I saw it too and I want to share.

KitKat: Sigh. Pushy guy. Fine. I thought it was great. I always think John is great. Sue me!

TheDster: But the storylineÖ

KitKat: Okay, so the writing needed punching up, but it was adequate. What did you think?

Howie was typing away and didnít notice. The figure in the bed behind him was starting to move. She tried hard not to look, but hell, the curiosity was killing this Kat.

TheDster: Hey! You arenít paying any attention to me!

KitKat: LOL. Sorry.

TheDster: Whatís up?

KitKat: I think your friend is waking up.

Howie turned quickly, frantically signaling whomever it was to stay down, but it was too late. The person sat up and Kat got a good view of the person that Howie had been in bed with.

KitKat: Thatís KEVIN!

Chapter 4