In Name Only

Chapter 67: Clippings

Time passes…

Entertainment Tonight
“Well, its official. ET has learnt that Backstreet Boy, Howie Dorough, is once again on the market. This divorce from former wife, Katherine “Kat” Morgan, was formalized yesterday in an Orlando court. Ms. Morgan was not present at the proceedings, allowing her lawyers to do all of her talking. Ms. Morgan has been in seclusion since filing for divorce a little over two months ago.

In a statement released today, Dorough said that he was “very upset” by the dissolution of his marriage, and he hopes that “Kat will come home now.”

A Current Affair
A Current Affair has learnt of a new twist in the divorce of Howie Dorough, one of the Backstreet Boys, from his first wife. In documents filed with an Orlando courthouse, Dorough has given sole custody of the couple’s son, Christopher, to his ex-wife. This is a surprising move considering Dorough’s much-publicized devotion to his family. You may recall that Christopher was born almost a year after Katherine Morgan Dorough announced to the media that she had been told she was unable to bear children.

Dorough could not be reached for comment on this development, and Ms. Morgan has been in seclusion for several weeks now.

Entertainment Weekly
In music news, the Backstreet Boys are still maintaining a low profile after Howie Dorough’s recent divorce, however, one member, AJ McLean, is “going back to work.” He is taking his solo act, Johnny No-Name, out on the road for a 25-city tour across North America. This will be the largest tour yet for the Boy’s alter-ego and tickets are expected to sell out quickly. McLean is continuing to donate proceeds from the concerts to VH1’s Save the Music Foundation.

Weekend Update, Saturday Night Live
What is with Backstreet Boy, Howie Dorough’s strange behaviour? Ever since his divorce from author, Katherine Morgan, became public, he has been outspoken in his requests that “Kat return home” to Orlando. Does he not understand the meaning of the word divorce? Hey Howie, divorce means she doesn’t ever have to come home again! Clearly his former wife gets that. Maybe Howie’s been spending too much time looking at Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman’s supposed second divorce, which has that couple once again sharing the same house. Dennis! Carmen! Make a decision and stick to it!

National Enquirer
Howie Dorough may be single again, but he sure isn’t enjoying it. Sources close to the singer say that he is still depressed about his divorce. Dorough apparently only agreed to the divorce from former wife Kat because it was “what she wanted” and he hoped that by agreeing that she would return to Orlando and they could rebuild their friendship.

“Howie says that he is to blame for why she left; that he was always busy with the group and that he refused to listen to her when she really needed him to listen, but he really wants her to come home,” an unidentified family friend stated.

“He says he knows he broke her heart, but that he really wants to make amends.”

US Weekly
Backstreet Boy, Kevin Richardson, hangs with current flame Winona Ryder at premiere party for her latest movie, Jaded.

Teen Beat
Nick Carter catches his breath after a charity basketball game. When Teen Beat asked him if he was getting old, he laughed and said that he just starting to get back into shape after a long break, and that he would be in time for the Backstreet Boys’ upcoming European tour.
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Yes, another Backstreet Boy on the market. AJ McLean told Rolling Stone magazine yesterday that he and long time girlfriend Tina Harltas has split up. He said that they had “grown apart” because of their schedules and will remain friends. The Rolling Stone article will be on newsstands in two weeks.

Things seem to be going hot and heavy with Backstreet Boy Nick Carter and his new girlfriend, Lynda Richmond. These pictures taken during a break from the group’s current tour show the couple enjoying the sun and frolicking in the water at Lake Como, Italy. And if you look way in the background you may see Kevin Richardson jet-skiing with Austrian supermodel girlfriend, Giselle.

Entertainment Tonight
And this just in, Brian Littrell and his wife Leighanne are expecting their second child. Their first child, Bryleigh is almost three years old now, and Brian says she is very excited about having a baby brother or sister.

Teen People
Is another Backstreet Boy going to the altar? There was much speculation as AJ McLean and his girlfriend Patricia visited Tiffany’s while in New York for a short shopping trip. Not to worry, girls. He was just “looking for a gift for my mom.” Sorry AJ, I guess we blew that surprise.

Rolling Stone
The tension has finally broken. Backstreet insiders have been tightlipped about the apparent tension that has been building between Kevin Richardson and Howie Dorough over the last six months. Well, they can be quiet no more. The two were arrested last night after getting into a brawl in an Indianapolis nightclub. Dorough appeared to have taken the brunt of the damage as the two were led away by police, who stated that the men had to be kept in separate cells.

Radpidfax MuchMusic
The Backstreet Boys have cancelled the rest of their US tour dates after an altercation between two members of the group. Howie Dorough and Kevin Richardson engaged in a brawl after one of their Indiana concerts two days ago, and continue to refuse to work with each other. Dorough has returned to Orlando, while Richardson flew to Los Angeles to spend time with his girlfriend, Selena Dryden, lead singer of the group Shockwave.

MTV News
It is the end of an era. For more than ten years, the Backstreet Boys have ruled the pop music world. And now they are calling it quits.

Brian Littrell and AJ McLean acted as spokespersons for the group at a press conference in Orlando this morning.

Littrell: We like to think of this more as a long break rather than a break-up. We have all had other projects that we have worked on for the past while and after much discussion we have decided that they are more important to us at this point.

McLean: We have been a close-knit family for years and that is not going to change. Nick and I are both going to record solo albums; he is actually in LA working on his right now. Howie is going to concentrate on the acting career he has dusted off every so often over the years. Kevin is doing some directing and production work, and Brian (chuckle) has a new production about to make an appearance in a few months.

Littrell (laughs): Be quiet, Bone. He’s just jealous because he’s afraid having children of his own would cramp his style.

McLean: Yeah, but I am a really good “uncle.”

Neither man would discuss the much-publicized fight between Richardson and Dorough, though Littrell said that all of the group has been under a lot of pressure and “tempers sometimes flare.” McLean denied that the breakup had anything to do with the quarrel.

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