Chapter 11: Making his case

"Can 'just Howie' give you a hug?"

"He better."

"Come here," he said holding her arms out and she slid onto his lap. He held her so tight. She could smell his cologne, mingled with the sweat he has built up with the dance routine. It was a heady scent.

"You smell so good," he said, echoing her thoughts.

There was a knock on the door. "You two decent?" AJ called before he burst in. "Damn, you are."

"Has anyone ever told you that you are sadly lacking in tact, AJ?" Kat asked

"Tact?" AJ pretended to look confused. "Whatís tact? Never heard of it."

"I noticed," Howie muttered.

"Are you two gonna come? We are going to this club near the hotel. Gonna dance the night away," AJ did a little dance wiggle.

"Do you want to?" Howie asked her.


"Give us five, Bone. Weíll meet you outside," Howie directed, and AJ actually did as he asked.

"Are you sure? It will be loud and noisy and..."

"Fun and relaxing and probably with enough darkened corners that I can spend some time with those," Kat said as she traced his lips with her finger.

"Then I am definitely gonna go," Howie chuckled. Kat got up off of his lap, and he stood up. Then looked her up and down. "Now I am really sorry I upset you."


"It is going to be really hard to slow dance with you wearing those heels."

Kat laughed. "Consider them your punishment. If you are nice to me, I might even take them off."

The club was crowded and loud, as expected, but they managed to find a spot in the back corner. Brian and Faith immediately hit the dance floor, followed quickly by Kevin and Alexis. AJ and Nick hadnít even made it to the table. They went straight in the front door and onto the dance floor, and showed no signs of coming back.

"I guess we are table monitors," said Howie as he sat back on the comfortable chair, and pulled her into his arms.

"We could go dance..."

"Nah, I figure I should try and get back into your good books," he said as he started to kiss her neck, face and finally lips. The snuggled there together for a while, interrupted by the arrival of the groupís drinks, but just enjoying the time to be together, just holding each other and talking.

Nick bounded up, followed by a young woman, clearly smitten with Nick, and a tall blond man, almost his look-alike, except the man had brown eyes, was a little shorter and a little heavier set. "Look, heís just like me!" Nick giggled, clearly high on life, and more than a few beers.

They drank, danced and goofed around for hours finally leaving the club at around one in the morning, and heading back to the hotel. The two other couples disappeared almost immediately, leaving Kat, Howie, AJ, Nick, the girl Leslie, and the look-alike, David. AJ was trying to teach Kat and David some complicated dance moves, and Howie was egging them on. Nick and Leslie had watched for a while, before she suggested that they play Nintendo and she and Nick disappeared into his room. Kat eventually gave up, and even David left to join Nick and Leslie. He emerged from the room a few minutes later, with Nick draped around him, laughing drunkenly.

"Hey guys," Nick laughed as he pushed David forward. "What do you think?"

Nick had outfitted him with the same suit that he had worn onstage earlier that evening. It seemed to emphasize the similarity between the two men. Nick was so impressed by his "creation" that he insisted David keep the clothes. David left soon after, and Nick returned to his room, Leslie in tow. AJ went to take a shower, and Howie and Kat were, finally, left alone.

"Are you gonna stay here with me tonight?"

Kat thought about it, then shook her head. "I donít think so. Its probably better I donít."

He sighed heavily, "yeah, you are probably right. This trip hasnít turned out very well for us, has it? Maybe a night apart will help. Iím exhausted anyway; Iíd just fall asleep on you again."

She smiled softly, "I donít think Iíd like that after the day weíve had." Then cocking her head and listening, she told him to hold on a second, and went over to Nickís room. Leslie was trying really hard to seduce an almost passed out Nick. Kat grabbed her, and pulled her off. Nick protested a little, then promptly fell asleep. Leslie protested even more, especially as Kat escorted her out of the hotel suite, locking the door after her. AJ had come out of his room, in shorts and a t-shirt trying to find out what all the fuss was about.

"Looking after Nick again, hunh Kat?" Howie said, again with an irritated tinge to his voice. The same tone as earlier in the day.

"Someoneís got to. You guys obviously donít care," she rejoined.

"Hey, you two. No fighting. Once is enough for one day." AJ said.

"Yeah, it obviously is. What is your problem, Howie? That is twice today, and both because I try to help Nick."

"He doesnít need looking after. Heís supposed to be an adult."

"Heís an adult who has been miserable for days. That fight with Jordan really upset him."

"Youíre MY girlfriend. Donít worry about him, worry about me."

"Oh, bro. That is cold," AJ said.

"I really hope that you are just saying that because you are tired and have been drinking, Howie," Kat said evenly. "But I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt this time. Maybe youíll be better in the morning." She gathered her purse and headed for the door.

"Youíre just going to let her go?" AJ asked Howie who sighed heavily and said, "Yeah. I canít seem to say anything right tonight. Its probably better."

AJ walked after Kat, grabbing his jacket. He caught up to her at the elevators. "Iím coming with you."

"What on earth for?" Kat replied stiffly.

"Heís being a jerk, and I want to make sure you get home okay."

"I do live here, AJ. I think I can get home on my own."

"Humour me."

The cab ride was silent. Kat was annoyed at Howie. Not as angry as she was earlier, but still not happy.

"Hey, guys get PMS too, you know." AJ said as he followed her into the kitchen. She laughed.

"Okay, seriously, heís exhausted. He only really acts so dense when he is worn out."

Kat gave him a beer from the fridge and they sat on the couch, AJ regaling her with tales of Howieís, and the otherís, stupid antics and mistakes on the road.

"And you never do anything like that, right?"

"Nope. Iím perfect."

"And oh, so modest."

"So are you going to give me a tour or am I only allowed to see the kitchen and the bathroom?"

Kat showed him around the apartment. It was actually fairly large for a one-bedroom, and she was quite proud of it. Especially now that it was clean. He pounced on her stack of videos once they hit her room.

"You keep the TV in the bedroom. I was beginning to think you didnít have one. What a good idea. You can watch movies all night long and be comfortable. I love it. Hey, this is a good movie. What else you got?"

Kat smiled and pulled open the drawer in the bureau. Instead of shirts and other clothes, as one might expect, the drawer, and the one under it were filled with videos.

"Man, you must have hundreds," AJ said as he dove through the pile.

"Yeah, I am a real movie nut," Kat replied as she watched him stack videos in piles; that one of movies he liked, that one of ones he didnít, that one of ones he hadnít seen.

"Hey whatís this?" he said pulling one from the bottom of the drawer. "Gimme that!" Kat shrieked as she recognized it and tried to get it from him, but he held her off. "Itís a porno flick. I am shocked!"

"No, youíre not. You want to borrow it."

"Can I? Thanks." He put it aside and grabbed a movie out of the pile. "Is it okay if we watch this?"

"Only if you donít tell about the other one."

He drew his finger in a cross motion over his heart. "Promise. Though I am dying to find out why you have it."

"Hey, I had a life before you all came along. One of my exís was into that sort of stuff. When we broke up, I Ďconfiscatedí his supply. I thought Iíd gotten rid of them all," she shrugged.

"Hmm. I suppose that is okay."

"Oh, shut up Mr. I-am-so-Virtuous and put in the tape."

They sat on the bed, joined by her cat who wanted to find out who was invading her territory. After she had been assured that all was okay, and that AJ did actually know how to scratch her on the ear the right way, she retreated to her place on the couch in the other room.

Kat was drowsing lightly when AJ lay back beside her. "Hey, wake up. This is a good scene."

"I have seen this movie, you know. Iím going to the bathroom, want anything while Iím up?"

He waved his empty beer bottle, still focussed on the movie.

When she returned he was sprawled on the bed on an angle, taking up all the room. She elbowed him out of the way. "Ouch. Is that what you did to Howie?"

Kat was not expecting the question. "What?"

"To make him so pissed off."

"Did it ever occur to you that he was the one causing the trouble?"

"So what did he do?"

"None of your business."

"Come on," he insisted.

"AJ, no."

"Please. Tell me."

"Fine. He wonít sleep with me."

"WHAT?!" AJ turned so quickly he spilled his beer on her.

"Dammit." Kat tried to shake the beer off, but it soaked through her shirt. She jumped up, pulled a t-shirt out of the closet and quickly changed shirts. When she turned back, AJ was looking at her strangely. "What?"

"Heís crazy. Iíd sleep with you now if I could."

"Who said you couldnít," she teased, not realizing how serious he was until his lips touched hers. His mouth was much different from Howieís. More slender and well-muscled. He twisted his lips wickedly, forcing his tongue into her mouth.

She pushed him away. "What the hell do you think you are doing?"

"What Howie wonít," AJ said as he pushed her shirt up and licked her breast.

"Get off me," she said, pushing him away again.

"Forget it. Iíve had something to prove to you," his voice was muffled as he continued to move his mouth over her chest.


"Remember? When first met you said you thought Iíd be a bad lay. Iím going to prove you wrong."

"Jesus, AJ, that was because you pissed me off. Now lay off."

"No way." He unbuttoned her jeans and moved them down her hips.

Katís frustration, and the far too many drinks that she had consumed that evening got the better of her. "Fine. Prove it."

It wasnít making love, it wasnít even sex: it was a battle of wills. Each trying to best the other, to prove their dominance. If AJ sucked on her breast, Kat would bite down, not always gently, on his ear. If he grasped her hands and pinned them above her head, trying for greater leverage, she would hold his hands and pull her arms down to her side, breaking his stride. If he thrust deeply into her, she would tighten her vaginal muscles and try to force him out. He would try to put his hand behind her and caress her anus; she would twist him over, putting herself on top. If he moved his hand down her, attempting to rub her clit as he continued to thrust into her, sheíd plunge her finger deeply into his asshole.

The whole thing had become a competition to see you could make the other groan or gasp more. Pulling her legs together, tightening, forcing AJ to assume the y-shaped position elicited a deep moan. 2 points. The not so gentle trail of nibbles that he laid across her neck and shoulder equaled a loud gasp. 2 points to him. The bed creaked as the two ranged all across it, a litany of "like that?ís" and "ha, got you thereís", "not so bad a lay nowís" , "boringís", and "can you do any betterís."

They had been at it for a while, the score tied, when Katís orgasm suddenly swept through her. She hadnít even felt it building so intent was she on trying to best AJ. His hit him at the same time, and the look of surprise on his face showed that he hadnít been expecting it either. She turned her head, and bit down on the pillow, trying to repress her response, but as he exploded within her she couldnít hold back, and dug her fingers into his back as she screamed, "Alex!" He was gasping "Kat" over and over as the wave of pleasure washed over him. Then there was silence, broken only by the ragged sounds of their breathing.

Kat came back to reality first. "Oh gods," she whispered as she realized what they had just done. She was still shaken by the intensity of her orgasm, body still lethargic with its workout. He looked up, startled by her whisper, and looked around. "Oh shit. Oh Kat, Iím sorry. I didnít mean..."

"AJ, I didnít stop you," she admitted.

"You tried, and I just..."

"I gave to you as good as you gave to me," she said sadly. "It wasnít just you."

"I donít know why. I just had to prove to you..."

"Iíll never doubt you again," Kat tried, oh so desperately to lighten the mood," Yep, that McLean guy - good in bed."

"Jesus," he groaned in despair. "What the hell was I thinking? What was I doing? Youíre..." Kat stopped his mouth with her hand. She couldnít hear the sound of his name. Not now. Not here.

"Shh. Please," she begged, a tear beginning to slowly glide down her cheek.

AJ rolled over onto his chest and raised his head to look at her. He saw the tear and leaned over and gently licked it away. "Please donít cry, Kat, please donít," he kept saying as he kissed the next one away too. The touch of his soft lips on her face started a sweet fire in her belly. She closed her eyes and delighting in the feeling. He stroked her cheek with his hand, trying to comfort her, not understanding her response. She opened her eyes, looking deep into his, then leaned forward and kissed him. Aside from their initial kiss, the one that had started it all, their lips had never touched each other throughout. Now they clung together feverishly. AJ deepened the kiss and Kat threaded her fingers through his hair, drawing him closer

"What did you call me earlier?" he asked as he flicked his tongue over her nipple, teasing the other with his fingertips.

"Alex," Kat moaned, as she drew her hands down his back, cupping his ass.

"Say it again," he commanded, gasping as her legs twisted around his.


"Oh God, Kat, I want you so badly," he said as he slid down her, mouth busy on her chest, then stomach, then lower. He slipped his tongue gently over her now soaked pussy, then darted in. Kat twisted slightly and moaned as he lapped at her, spreading her legs farther apart to give him better access. As he concentrating on giving her pleasure he could hear her saying "Alex," over and over again, which only turned him on more. Her body began to jerk spasmodically as the orgasm built and he sucked on her roughly, then softly, roughly, then softly, urging her on. She through her head back, mouth open, eyes dilated as she came, unable to speak, unable even to breath as the joy burnt through her. AJ swallowed her juices as they flowed in a torrent.

The waves of pleasure were still singing through her body as she quickly pushed him over on his back, and traced the tattoo on his belly with her tongue. Then, moving lower, she pulled his erection into her mouth. "Kat, you donít have to..." he began, then moaned as her tongue swept over the tip of his member. Now it was his turn to lie back and take it. She sucked, nibbled and caressed, cupping his balls in her hand, stroking the delicate skin around his hole. He gasped as he wound his hands through her hair, gliding his palm across the back of her neck. His head twisted from side to side as he came in powerful bursts, ramming himself deeply in her throat. She swallowed again and again, still teasing him with her tongue tip, pulling more out of him, reveling in the harsh, desperate way he gasped her name.

They lay still for a moment, satiated, and then AJ hooked his hands under her arms, and pulled her up to him. The feel of her skin gliding over him started his passion rising again and he could feel himself start to stiffen. He kissed her, tasting himself, and wanting her more for it. She moaned his name again, in his mouth, and he knew he couldnít hold back.

"I want to be inside of you. I want to be so deep inside of you," he said.

Kat pulled her head back and looked him in the eyes. She touched his face lightly and whispered, "Alex."

It was all the permission he needed and he entered her slowly, gently, taking pleasure from in the feel of her walls surrounding him. Kat arched her back as he inched his way inside of her. He stopped for a moment, letting her feel his entire length, before slowly rocking forward and back. Her hands stroked his body, then drew his hand up to her mouth where she sucked on each finger, little by little, matching the same pace he had set with his body. His tongue was doing spirals on her neck, then, once he found that particularly sensitive hollow at the base of neck, the spot which sent shivers down her spine and small shuddering motions through her body, he concentrated on that.

This time there was no battle, no contest, just slow, sweet, deep tenderness, both trying to give the other as much pleasure as they could without anything more than light strokes, touches and caresses. Again, they came at the same time, but this time it was expected as the tight spiral of ecstasy had grown in them, together. Both crying out each otherís name in pleasure, both bursting in a flow of rapture. Both lying together in the afterglow, then falling asleep entwined in each otherís arms.


Chapter 12