Quit Playing Games

Chapter 11

WARNING! There is sex in this chapter, and while it is between consenting adults, it is not "friendly." If you can't handle it, please don't read it."

Ever since her arrival he had been publicly effusive in his joy to see her.

She had dropped her bags in his hotel room, returning to the main room quickly. Damn the plane for being delayed. Now they had no time to be together before the concert.

He, and the others, were waiting for her in the main suite. He held out his hand and she took it willingly, smiling at him. The almost painfully tight squeeze he gave it told her that her plan had worked.

They headed to the stadium and she put on her brilliant performance as the simpering doting girlfriend. The others in their group bought it, she was sure. Just one big happy family. Glad that he had someone to share his nights with at last. Even that mousy writer woman was happy to see her.

When the entourage group got backstage the Boys were all ready finished taking their showers and getting dressed in more casual clothes. His hair was still damp and she had to resist the urge to run her fingers through it, to taste him. He hadn't buttoned his shirt yet, and her mouth went dry as she looked at his firm chest. If anything he had gotten more muscular since she'd been away. His shoulders seemed broader, and his washboard abs glistened. She longed to dig her nails into them, to feel his strength. He glanced her way, and she met his eyes.

Yes, tonight would be a good one, she thought as she noted the tension in his brow.

Plans had been made to go out to a club, and neither of them could, in good conscience, come up with an excuse not to go. Refusing to go out dancing with the others wouldn't have been in keeping with his persona. And all must fit with that. No one must know about...

They danced and chatted amiably with the others. Keeping up the perfect pretence. It was only when they sat down together, side by side, that she realized how much trouble she would be in later. They had been sitting for a few minutes. He was talking happily with one of the others sitting across from them. And suddenly she felt his hand on her leg. He moved her skirt up to her waist, kneading and pulling the flesh of her upper leg. A thrill went through her at the feel of his roughness, and she had to work hard not to start panting as she fell him grip her tightly.

She calmed herself enough to join the conversation, smiling happily as he continued to grope her. His hand had found the juncture of her legs now, and the hand, which held her drink, shook as he grazed across the silk of her panties. It was enough warning, and she carefully put her arms down on the table and braced herself subtly. A moment later he had moved the fabric aside, and plunged his finger deep into her. Then another and another.

God, if he kept doing that she was going to cum here and now.

She felt him pull his fingers out, then move back, to brush against her clit. Then he pinched it harshly, and she fought hard to restrain her yelp. The second, and third time he did it he applied even harder pressure and she was almost shaking from the effort not to shriek her pain, her pleasure. He moved his hand away from her and she was livid at him. How dare he start this and then pull away before she... But he just smiled lightly, and drew his hand up to his mouth, licking away her juices, then chugging his drink back and ordering another one.

It seemed like hours later that they returned to the hotel. He had continued his assault, first rubbing her, pinching her, bringing her close to the brink, then turning to one of the others and starting a conversation.

They smiled amiably with the others on their return to the suite, then with a light chuckle he made it know that he wanted to be alone with his lady love. How sweet. He grabbed her hand, and brought it up to his lips, kissing it tenderly, then lead her down the hall to his room.

They had just entered the room when he quickly backed her up against the door, kissing her roughly. His tongue forced its way into her mouth and she bit down on it. He groaned and pushed her more firmly against the door, battering her mouth with his teeth and tongue.

She wound her hands through his hair, letting her nails trail along his scalp. He gripped her hair, pulling her head back, exposing her neck. He bit gently on it. She wanted him to truly bite her, but knew he wouldn't. Never in any area that could be seen.

His hands moved down, grasping the vee of her shirt, then ripping it apart, buttons popping, destroying the delicate fabric. His hands moved cruelly over her breasts, pinching nipples and making her whimper in pain. The pain she loved so much.

He stepped back a moment, letting her go, and unbuckled his pants, pulling them down enough for his engorged penis to spring free. Then he grabbed the back of her neck and forced her down to her knees in front of him. She knew what he wanted, and opened her mouth to take him in.

She teased the tip with her tongue, then took a small portion into her mouth, slowly moving her way down the huge member. She drew back, but he didn't want that. He slammed himself deep into her throat, causing her to choke and try to pull away from the sudden movement. He didn't like that, and slapped her face. She looked up at him, shocked. He'd never done that before. But she couldn't think about that now as he slammed himself deep into her mouth again.

His hands wound through her hair, forcing her head back to work. Tears pricked in her eyes, but god, he was turning her on more than he ever had before. Her knees shook as the electricity coursed through her body, and she could feel herself get wetter and wetter.

He was grunting in earnest now, pounding himself into her moist mouth. She sucked hard, making her mouth as tight as she could, grazing him with her teeth. The guttural sounds coming from his mouth rocked her. He'd never taken this long to cum before. He'd never sounded like this. A harsh bellow was her only warning and he suddenly came, his member growing so large that it filled her throat. She drank him in, milking him as best she could. Some of his semen leaked out the side of her mouth, but she just kept swallowing and swallowing.

When he was done he pushed her away from him. His member was still hard despite his orgasm. It continued to ride high as he divested himself of his clothes.

She climbed to her feet. She removed her skirt and her bra, and was about to slide her panties down when he was in front of her again. He grasped the underwear and ripped it from her body. It was better made than the shirt and he had to flex his muscles more to get it to tear off. She felt the waist band dig into her body before it fell away. It would leave a mark. Her nipples hardened at the thought.

He stuck two fingers into her, feeling her moistness. He smiled, almost cruelly. Then hooked his fingers and pulled her towards the bed, using her pelvis as a rope. He threw her down on the bed, his hands roaming over her body. He teased her breasts, then ground his fingertips in to the delicate flesh. She moaned deeply, loving his brutality.

She loved it when he was like this. It was the reason she went away as often as she did.

A few weeks without her, with nothing to occupy him except the drugs, the work-outs and the concerts, and he was ready to detonate. A few weeks of being kind and attentive to fans, the media and the assorted hangers-on and he was ripe for her. She loved it rough, and he was always at his most ferocious when she had been away. She'd stay as long as he remained that way. Unlike the other girlfriends she didn't really have a reason to leave. She could be with him for the whole tour if she wanted; her business was going well, and the money she made from her drug sales had given her a nice, large nest egg. But once the pressure started to wear off, once he started to be that pleasant, amiable, gentle man she had started with, she felt sickened and had to leave. Lord save her from a gentle man. Give her one who is more interested in ripping and rending his way through her body.

His fingers dug into her stomach, his short nails scratching the tender flesh. His mouth bit down on her nipple, twisting it cruelly. She whimpered and arched her back, trying to force his teeth further down her breast. He pinched her just above her thigh, pulling the skin tight, leaving a white mark on her. It hurt now, and would turn into a bruise later. Her eyes glazed over with the thought.

He grabbed her legs, forcing them apart, thumbs digging in. He positioned himself, then slammed into her violently, penetrating her. She started to shriek, but he shoved a hand across her mouth, clamping it shut as he thrust again, and again. When he heard the gurgle in her throat he moved his hand away, knowing that she'd be quiet now, and continued to thrust into her. He bit down on her breasts again, leaving teeth marks behind. She was moaning in earnest now, and he could feel her internal muscles starting to milk him. He picked up the pace, pounding into her flesh.

The room echoed with his animalistic grunts, her deep pants and the sound of his balls slapping against her ass.

He'd never been like this before. The drugs she'd been slipping him before had started him on this path. Now that he knew about them, now that she was supplying him with a regular diet of them, they had truly begun to have an effect on him. He was brutal, barbaric, his hands, his mouth cruel on her body, and his hard manhood felt like it was going to rip her apart. She would have difficulty walking tomorrow, but she didn't care. Her orgasm was coming, and she knew it was going to be a powerful one.

The feel of him cumming pushed her over the edge. His hands were pinning her shoulder down on the bed, fingers gouging into her, as he blasted deeply into her. She wailed and thrust her body up, impaling herself even more on him, feeling the intense pressure that had built up in her loins finally explode. She saw stars as her body arched and spasmed in reaction.

She lay there for a minute, body and mind still reeling, feeling his weight on her body. He was trying to catch his breath too, then, pulled himself up, and out of her. He sat back and looked at her, noting the fresh bruises on her breasts and stomach. He smiled harshly. Then rolled her over onto her front, pulled her hips towards him, raising her rear end into the air.

The feel of his strong hands pulling her ass cheeks apart made her gasp. They had done this before. Once. The last time she'd been with him. But it had been towards the end, when he was still being adventurous, but tender. Now... Now, he was violent and cruel. It would hurt. He would see to that. A shiver of anticipation ran through her body.

He rubbed the head of his penis against the pucker of her anus. He moved one hand down, rubbing it in the wetness from her still vibrating pussy, then wiped the liquid across her asshole. And thrust his way in. Her face was pushed down into the pillow with the power of his movement. It was the only thing that stopped her scream from echoing through the room.

His fingers continued to hold her cheeks apart as he reamed his way in over and over again. Her head twisted back and forth as she absorbed his drive, moans, gasps and whimpers issuing from her mouth.

It hurt so much. So much pain. So much pleasure. Pain. Pleasure. He was killing her with how good it felt.

She felt his hands move up her back, securing her shoulders against the bed again. He drilled himself into her deeply. This time his balls were slapping against her still damp nether lips, and the sound they made as they struck her again and again was more of a squelch than a slap.

He was grunting with animal snorts. Pounding. Thrusting. Ramming himself into her anal canal. She could feel herself starting to slip, could see the beginning of the darkness creeping in. He was going to do. To fuck her into unconsciousness. The thought excited her even more. She'd never leave him now. Sure, she would keep up the going away and coming back if he slipped back in to his old patterns, but a man who could do this to her was not one she would lose. It had taken her too long to find one again.

He was panting in earnest, and she knew he was about to cum. She didn't care. Her mind was roiling from his assault and she was about to tip over the edge. She took a deep breath and screamed out his name as the blackness took her.


Chapter 12

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