Quit Playing Games

Chapter 13

"So when are we going to have our interview?"

Kat gave a quick squeal as Kevinís deep voice broke into her thoughts.

"Sorry, did I scare you?"

"Canít you stomp your feet or something? How can you be such a big man, and be able to sneak up on people so quietly?"

"Itís all that ballroom dancing. It improves my flow," he chuckled, his nose wrinkling cutely.

"Ha ha. You are never going to let me live that one down, are you?"

"No way. Itís the only thing I have to hold over your head," he smiled.

If only you knew, Kat thought. You could also just remind me of that VERY erotic dream I had about you last night. And the night before. Hell, even the one Iím probably going to have tonightÖ

"Yeah, well, keep in mind that I know about a lot of your foibles and flubs. And I can always sneak them into the book. Yep, I can see it now: Backstreet Boys: The Book. ĎKevin Richardson snorts milk out his nose when AJ blows him a kiss.í ĎOr how about when you tripped off the edge of the stage in Cincinnati?í Or maybeÖ"

"Okay! I get the picture. I wonít tease you, you donít rat me out. Deal?"

She grinned. "Deal. I can still keep those memories though, canít I?"

"Why do I get the impression that they are permanently imprinted on your psyche?" he smiled. That perfect nose crinkled again.

Damn, would he PLEASE stop doing that!

"So? Interview? When? Youíve spoken to everyone but me. Youíve even spoken to most of the crew. I am starting to get a complex," he continued.

"Youíve just been so busy. And what with Lana getting ready to leaveÖ I just thought youíd want timeÖ"

He turned his head away sadly for a moment. "That was good of you, but I shouldnít neglect my career."

Kat chuckled. "Kevin? Do you know how pretentious that sounded?"

"I know. I heard it too." He smiled. "So when?"

They took a look at their schedules and decided on a time late that afternoon. In his hotel room before they headed to the stadium. Alone. Just the two of them. Alone. In a bedroom. Dear God. THAT was why she had avoided this interview. How on earth was she going to be able to resist throwing herself on him?


Her hands were still shaking a little by the time the concert started. She hadnít jumped him and the interview had actually gone really well. They had scheduled another meeting for late in the week, after she had a chance to talk to some of the others. As always, talking to Kevin had started her mind going onto other tangents. Only this time they werenít sexual (okay some of them were), they were about how to make the book better. Some new angles to explore. Her imagination was charged.

And she had spent almost an hour alone in a bedroom with Kevin Richardson.

"You okay?"

"Hunh? What Micheline? Sorry I wasnít listening."

"I kind of figured that," the other woman smiled. "This is the first time Iíve ever heard you hum along to the songs. Usually you just mouth the words."

Kat blushed. "I hope I didnít break your ear drums."

"Please. The crowds did that days ago."

"I just had something on my mind."

"A happy something, right?"

Kat nodded.

"Good. You should hum more then."


They were jostled by a girl who was trying to squeeze between them to get closer to the stage.

"Excuse me?" Micheline said with a sarcastic tone.

The girl looked her up and down with a disgusted face. "If you two dykes wanna talk take it outside. Some of us want to listen to the Boys."

"Excuse me?" Kat echoed what Micheline said.

Another girl leaned over and whispered in the first girlís ear. She jerked her head back and looked at Micheline again with startled eyes. "Youíre AJís girlfriend?!"

"I have that honour," Micheline replied haughtily. She had been stung by the girlís comments.

"And whoís this? Your mother?" the girl continued, indicating Kat.

"No. Iím a fan," Kat replied smoothly. "Some one who wants to listen to the Boys," she said, mimicking the girlís earlier tone.

The girl turned away from Kat, looking at Micheline up and down. "So what does he see in you? I mean youíre not pretty. What? Are you really good in bed or something?"

"I beg your pardon?" Micheline had met several fans before; even some who were angry with her for dating AJ. But never one like this.

"I mean he should be seeing someone who understands him. Like me. Not some skank who is just going to use him. He needs someone who is worthy of him."

Kat and Micheline gaped at her. Then Kat started to laugh. And laugh. And laugh. She was laughing so hard that Micheline, who was also laughing, had to drag her off to the far side of the stage.

"Iím sorry," Kat wheezed. "But that was too funny. That little witch thinks sheís better for AJ than you."

Micheline wiped a laughter tear away from her cheek. "Thanks for the vote of confidence. Are you sure? She was soooo cute. And charming too."

Kat had to put a hand on the wall to keep from falling over when she started to laugh again. Now others were starting to shoot them evil looks, so Micheline grabbed her arm and pulled her towards the exit.

"Where are we going?"

"For a walk. You need some fresh air."

The blast of cool air did calm Kat down a lot. And having the constant screams and shouts of the audience quieten also helped. She sighed. "Thanks, Micheline."

"Wanna tell me about it?"

"Nothing to tell really. Iíve just been on the inside for too long."

"Oh God! Does this mean Iím going to have this reaction in a few weeks?" the other woman grinned.

"Probably." Kat sighed and sat down on a concrete wall. "Itís strange. I was a fan, and the only things that would upset me were if someone started a false rumour. I even understood when they slammed "the girlfriends." I mean, I thought: they didnít really hate them, they just loved the Boys and wanted to be a part of their lives."


"But now I am on the inside. I am still a fan, but I also know the guys. And their girlfriends. And I see the stuff they get from the fans. So, I am in a kind of special position. And when some little pipsqueak like that girl comes along and figures that they know whatís bestÖ."

"She was kind of hilarious. I mean could you see AJ with her? Heíd be bored stiff. And she sure canít take a joke. She wouldnít even last five minutes. Less if he was in one of his wacky moods."

Kat nodded. "True. And after talking to KevinÖ"

"Oh? Is that where you disappeared to this afternoon?" Micheline had clued in pretty quickly to Katís crush. Sheíd even slapped AJ upside the head a few times when he was about to make a joke of it. Kat may lust after Kevin, but she sure wasnít going to do anything about it. Especially if he was seeing someone. She respected that about Kat.

"Yeah. Finally got around to interviewing him. Lots of good stuff. The guys arenít stupid. And then some little rodent like that girl comes along and thinks that they know better than they do. Its ridiculous."

"It is kind of." Micheline grinned. "Youíre right. You have been in it too long. I noticed that a long time ago. Of course, AJ and I were friends for a long time before we started dating. And I know lots about the crap heís gone through."

Kat sighed. "I know. I realized it before, but I never really Ďrealizedí it, you know? I guess I am just getting punchy. Maybe I just need a night off."

"It was been kind of hectic." And if you had to spend time alone with Kevin, you must be really bouncing off the walls.

"Maybe I should just go for a walk or something."

"Youíll be okay?"

"Yeah. Because I know you want to go back in and watch your cutie-pie wiggle his butt," Kat grinned.

"He does wiggle it well," she grinned back.

"Go on."


Kat leaned back into the stuffed leather chair. The hotelís bar had this "senior law partner" feel to it. Lots of leather arm chairs, low lights and dark oak bookcases. It reminded her of her fatherís office at home. And for some reason it actually made her feel good, rather than the usual fear that memories of home brought up.

"I was wondering where you were," Brian said as he and Leighanne entered the room, hand in hand as usual.

"Hi guys. How was the concert?"

"Good as always. You didnít stay?" Leighanne asked.

"No. I started singing along. It upset poor Micheline. So I figured I should hit the road before she had me arrested."

Leigh chuckled, then kissed Brian on the cheek and walked to the bar to order their drinks.

"Can we join you?" Kat nodded her ascent and Brian leaned back into the chair across from her. "Oh man, this feels good. Just what I need. A cushy chair."

"Tough night?"

"Not really. I just need a little post-concert pampering."

"Isnít that what Leigh is here for?"

"Nah. Iím here to do that for her," he grinned as Leigh approached and handed him his drink. She slipped into the chair next to him, sipped her drink and then started to massage his shoulders.

"Oh baby," he sighed as he leaned into her hands.

Kat smiled. Yep, those two were in love. Now why couldnít the fans see it? Of course, then there are fans like that one earlier tonightÖ.

"Kat? Umm. Can we tell you something?" Brian asked cautiously.


"I donít know about how it will impact the bookÖ I guess that really depends on when itís released." He shrugged, then took Leighís hand in his. "Leighanne and I are engaged. Have been for a little while now."

Kat gaped at him for a second, then gave a shout of joy and hugged the two of them. Brian and Leighanne were startled by the sudden move and then hugged her back.

"So I take it you are okay with this?" Leighanne beamed.

"I think itís wonderful! This is such great news. So? Whenís the wedding?"

Brian glanced at Leighanne. "We havenít set a date yet. Busy schedules and all. But soon, I hope."

Leighanne smiled back at him.

Chapter 14

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