Quit Playing Games

Chapter 67

Kat couldn't sleep.

Every time she closed her eyes she saw him, hanging there.

What if the other rope had broken too? God, he could have been killed. No, no, not from that height. But hurt even more seriously than he had been. And if he'd fallen over the crowd...

She slipped out of his arms, off of the bed. He was sleeping peacefully now. Making love had helped him. Had calmed him, made him feel almost whole again. She wished it had for her. He'd fallen asleep soon after, holding her close, whispering to her how good it had felt. It had felt good. It had felt incredible. It had worn her out as much as it had him.

But every time she closed her eyes she saw him, dangling there.

She groaned softly. She'd come so close to losing him.

It shouldn't be this way. They should have met naturally, and then had things progress naturally. Not this sneaking around, fake names, fake personality bullshit. It shouldn't have happened. Damn Howie. Damn him for revealing to her what he was. Damn David for revealing himself too. If he hadn't, she would never have had Nick come blazing into her life. She would never have had to tell him the truth. She would never have had to agree to this farce.

She would never have been able to get to know Nick. To have his voice be the last thing she heard every night, and his face be the first thing she saw every morning. To feel his skin against hers…

This didn't make any sense. It hadn't for a while. She pulled on the man's shirt she had been wearing earlier, doing up one button. She was supposed to be interested in Kevin. That is what got her into this mess. Howie using her attraction to Kevin to try and get her to help him with his twisted game. It should be him she was thinking about. Those thick eyebrows. That dark hair. That firm, square jawline. Those deep blue eyes.

Damn! Stop thinking about Nick!

She walked over to the window and looked out at the city lights below her. What a mess. She closed her eyes, then groaned and opened them again.

She'd seen him swinging from that thin wire.

Kat sighed. He looked so small, so scared, hanging there. How did the damn wire break? She'd seen how thick they were. The crew was always checking them. It shouldn't have happened. And to break in the middle like that…

Howie must have done something to it. Sabotaged it somehow. Tried to hurt Nick. Howie must have…

Shit! Just because he was a freak, trying to prove his mastery over the other Boys by screwing around with their girlfriends, didn't mean he'd go around trying to kill them. He'd have as much to lose if Nick was out of commission. Howie was many things, but certainly not that vile. She was jumping at shadows now.

It was an accident. Plain and simple. It could have been anyone on that rig.

She gazed out the window, trying hard to relax. To find some calm from the gentle buzz of the city below.

When she glows in the dark
And I'm weak by the sight
Of this breathtaking beauty
In which I can hide…

Yes, when she glows in the dark
And I'm struck by the sight
I know that I'll need this
For the rest of my life…

The lines from one of the songs that by that old 80's group that Kat was always listening to flowed through his head, as Nick watched her standing by the window. The hotel room was high above street level, but the lights still reached it. It brushed against her, bathing her in a pale light. She looked radiant, angelic.

He slid off the bed and came up behind her, wrapping his arms around her. She started a little when he first touched her, but then leaned back, her head on his shoulder.

"Did I wake you?" she asked softly.

"Not really. I just seemed to know you weren't there," he replied kissing her hair.

"I'm sorry, Nick. I couldn't sleep and I didn't want to disturb you."

"It's okay. I just missed you." He pulled her closer, crossing his arms across her shoulders, pulling her back against him.

Kat sighed, and her hands moved up to hold onto his arms. They stood there, together, watching the city beneath them.

"What are you thinking?" he asked.

"That I almost lost you tonight," she replied honestly.

He moved one hand, stroking her face. "It wasn't that bad."

"It could have been."

He turned her so that they were face to face, his arms still holding her close. "It was just an accident. It could have happened to any of us," he said, echoing her earlier thoughts.

"But it happened to you," she whispered, tears starting to fill her eyes.

"Hey, no crying," he smiled softly, wiping the few that had spilled down her face away with his thumbs. He kissed the next few away. "I'm okay, remember?"

"I remember," she smiled back at him. Then leaned forward, putting her head against his chest and wrapping her arms around him. She stood there, holding him, listening to his heartbeat. She sighed again, and this time when she closed her eyes she didn't see him suspended awkwardly above the stage. She saw his face earlier. When he was above her, yes, but as he came, thrusting deep into her. A much sweeter sight.

She shook it off, and looked up at him. "Should you be walking around?"

"I'm not an invalid," he chuckled. "It's just a bruise, Kat."

"A pretty bad one. Do you want me to get you your painkillers?"

"You are my pain killer," he said, lowering his mouth to hers.

It was so gentle, so sweet, so pure. His lips caressed hers, then his tongue moved out to lick her bottom lip, before pushing in slowly, oh so slowly. She opened her mouth to his, her tongue exploring his mouth cautiously. Tasting him. Losing herself in him.

It started a fire in her, but it was a slow build up. Like a spark slowly becoming a blaze.

Her hands moved up his back, twisting themselves in his flaxen hair. His hands moved up, cupping her face, stroking her cheek with his thumbs as he continued to delve into her mouth.

He turned her, facing her, pressing her up against the wall, and began to move down her neck, suckling her in that special spot at the base of her throat. She moaned softly, and he continued to move down, over her chest. His hand moved under the button of her shirt and unclasped it. He glanced up at her flushed face, then spread the shirt wide, exposing her breasts. He groaned at the sight and ran his hands over them, delighting in the feel of her skin. "Just like silk," he murmured and then took one hardening nipple into his mouth. He teased it, tugged on it, sucking it into his mouth and rolling it with his tongue. He felt her gasp and move slightly, trying to get more of his mouth on her, but he withdrew and turned his attention to the other breast, giving it the same treatment he had given its twin.

She was squirming in earnest now and he moved his mouth lower, slipping in and out of her bellybutton. He went lower, his breath hot on her pubic hair. God, she smelled so sweet. She always did, everywhere. But here, here it was at its most intense. Like honey. And the taste... He had to have the taste.

He slid his tongue across her nether lips, hearing her whimper. He moved back in, deeper this time, entering her with his tongue. Her body was starting to shake. Just little shivers, but enough for him to know that she was having a hard time hanging on. This always happened when he went down on her; it turned him on more than he could ever describe. He sucked on her clit, laving it with his tongue. She was whimpering his name now, her hands moving convulsively through his hair. God, how he loved that. He had to stop. If he continued he'd cum here and now, and he didn't want that. He wanted to be inside of her, filling her. He wanted to hear her scream him name at the same time he was screaming hers. He planted one more sloppy wet kiss on her lower lips, before standing and kissing her again on her other lips.

She clung to him, holding him close, kissing away the liquids from his face. He groaned. He ached now with how large he'd gotten. He needed her. Needed to be in her. He arched his back, crouching down just a bit, and rubbing the head of his penis against her wet folds. Her eyes opened wide, staring into his eyes, and she gave him a slight nod. It was all he needed. He thrust himself into her, right up to the hilt. She moaned loudly, revelling in the ecstasy of having him, all of him, inside her.

"Oh god, Kat. That feels so good," he breathed against her cheek.

"Nick, oh baby. Love me, Nick. Please I need you so much," she moaned and he was pleased to comply. He pushed forward again, harder this time, deeper. They groaned in unison.

"Oh baby," he panted, then pulling back, almost all the way then thrusting into her again. She pulled his head to hers, kissing him fiercely. He thrust again and felt her moan in his mouth.

Kat was backed all the way up the wall now, only her tiptoes in contact with the floor, and often, when he thrust, not even that. She lifted her left leg and wrapped it around his right hip, and he ground deeper into her. "Yes, baby. In me. I want you in me," she growled against his throat.

"Always, Kat. God, you're so hot. You're so tight," he puffed against her.

She lifted her other leg and started to wrap it around him when he suddenly lost his rhythm and crashed against her, yelping in pain. She'd forgotten about his hip.

"Oh god! Nick, sweetheart? Talk to me! Darling, I'm so sorry; I forgot," Kat begged, trying to get him to look at her. He raised his head slowly, pain edging around his eyes.

"Its okay. I forgot, too" he winced.

"I'm so sorry," she started to weep against his chest. "I didn't want to hurt you."

"Shh. Baby, I know. It just hurt for a moment."

"No, I hurt you," she sobbed.

"Kat?" He lifted her chin, looking into her frightened eyes. "Darling, I'm okay. It just took me by surprise. I'd forgotten about it too." He kissed lightly on the lips. "You have that effect on me."

She groaned, "oh, Nicky," and kissed him back.

They clung together, kissing the pain away. When they parted they were both breathless.

"See? All better now," he sighed.

"Are you sure?"

He moved his hips forward; he hadn't left her body, so all he needed to do was thrust. She moaned at the feeling. "Very sure." He plunged forward, gasping as she tightened her walls around him.

Kat was going to do anything she could to make up for her lapse. She grasped him strongly within her, then released as he moved again. She kept doing that, over and over again, in time with his rhythm. Soon he was wheezing heavily, and she could feel him surge deeper and deeper in her. He pounded into her, crying out her name, then sagged against her.

"Oh god, baby. That was incredible," he panted, as he slowly pulled out of her.

"Yeah, it was." She kissed him, and led him back to the bed, holding back the covers for him to crawl in. "I'll be right back."

She went to the bathroom and got another one of his painkillers and a glass of water.

"I don't need that. You're my pain killer, remember?"

"Please humour me, Nick. I want you to get some rest."

"Only if you come back to bed with me." He took the pill and drank the water down as she slipped under the covers. He pulled her close, spooning her with his body. He kissed her shoulder. "You taste salty."

"Whose fault is that, Mr. Sexual dynamo?" she chuckled.

"Not so bad yourself."

They snuggled together, talking casually. Kat could hear his words starting to slur and knew that the medication was starting to take effect.


"Yes, love?"

"When we… you didn't cum, did you?"

She was taken aback. It wasn't that she had faked or anything - she'd never needed to with him (damn him for that). She'd been concentrating so hard on not hurting him that all she'd been concerned about was his pleasure. Making sure he'd enjoyed it. The only enjoyment she'd derived was from knowing she'd made him feel better. "No, Nick, I didn't," she answered honestly.


"I wanted to, I REALLY wanted to." He chuckled at the sound of mock frustration at her voice. "But I was afraid of hurting you again. I didn't want to lose control again."


He was so silent she thought he'd fallen asleep.

"It wasn't because I … didn't do something right? It still felt good?"

"God, Nicky. You were doing everything right. Believe me. A woman doesn't have to have an orgasm every time."

"Oh." He paused. "Why?"

"Nick, it was just so good feeling you inside me. I get more pleasure from that than anything else. I didn't need to have an orgasm to feel happy about that."


"Why are you so concerned?" she asked.

"I just like it when you do."

"Like it?"

"Hmmm." Sleep was starting to claim him. "Your eyes get so dark almost black. And they lock on mine. Almost as if you can see into my heart. You wrinkle your nose, and your tongue comes out and licks your upper lip. You let out this gasp that seems to be coming up from your toes. And then your body shivers a little. Your nipples get even harder, then suddenly go soft, and a blush comes over your chest and your neck. And inside, god, you move around me so closely. I don't know where I end and you begin. And I don't want to know, I just want to keep feeling it." He sighed. "You're so beautiful."

Kat was stunned. "You notice all that?" she whispered.

He nodded slightly, then his breathing went soft and she knew he was asleep.

She pulled his limp arms tighter around her. Swearing to the depths of her soul that no one would ever hurt him again.

But she still couldn't sleep.

The Swing of Things, by a-ha

Chapter 68