A Different Tack

Wrote this under a pseudonym a while back...
This is FICTION! It would only happen in an alternate reality where I am the most beautiful person in the world and money grows on trees.
WARNING: NC-17 for SLASH (m/m) and Bondage.
Yep, folks, this is the hard core stuff... (just to see if I could do it).

Heaving, writhing, twisting under the onslaught, the man worked hard to repress the moan that threatened to pass his lips.

He was unsuccessful.

Immediately the paddle stopped, poised above his reddened flesh.

"Did I give you permission to make a sound?"

He choked back a sob, shaking his head.

"And did you?"

Tears rolled down his face as he nodded.

"What am I to do with you?" came the husky sigh. "You never follow orders. This is not about me, you know. This is about you. About your lack of discipline. About your lack of restraint. And even now you disobey me."


"Were you given permission to speak?"

Again the shaking of the head. Out of the corner of his eyes he could see the paddle being placed on the stool next to him. He squeezed his eyes shut, realizing that his outburst had stopped the beating he had deserved so desperately. It was over and he was unfulfilled. He cursed himself inwardly, furious at himself for failing once again.

"I am near to washing my hands of you. You always fall short." A hand reached out and touched the swollen flesh of the bound man's ass, caressing slowly. "Always so close," the voice murmured. "So close to perfection, and yet never there."

This time he shut his eyes to endure the sensual stirring the caresses were producing: every light touch resounding through him. As determined as he was to reach that ultimate plateau he sought, this also brought him so much pleasure. The gentle touch on his punished flesh seemed to be more intense than any other. It felt good. Great. And while it brought him joy it also reminded him of how much better it could be.

"Perhaps I need to follow a different tack with you. Perhaps your inability to achieve is due to your not receiving the proper stimulus. Fearing the proper deterrent." The hand moved away from his flesh and he could hear some shuffling in the background. He longed to look, to see what was coming, but his head was strapped tightly to the table and he could barely open his mouth let alone turn his head. Even then he could not keep his mouth shut…

"So we will have to use this," the voice said and then a hand dangled a gag in front of his face.

He twisted again, trying to get away. His punisher knew how much he hated the gag. Feared the way it cut into his mouth and pushed against his tongue. He loathed the way his saliva soaked it, making rivulets of drool pass the sides of his mouth. It made him feel like a child; tiny and impotent, unable to control himself. He wanted discipline - not to be out of control.

"It seems that you require it. I asked for silence and you gave me sound. Clearly you are not able, not willing, to become the disciplined man you claim to want to be. Clearly you must be controlled." The gag was pulled tightly across his mouth and tied firmly. "Now… Now you are fully mine to do with what I will. I am in charge now."

There was a tone to that statement which frightened him. Despite all their sessions he had never heard it before. In the past when he failed, the beating would stop and he would be released to live with his shame. That hadn't happened this time. And he had no idea what would happen next.

He could hear the sound of his captor walking around him, could feel the heat of the gaze on his shackled body. No other sound except his tortured breathing and his punisher's light steps. Even the light from the lamp behind him cast no clues. Just a moving shadow going back and forth.

A hand descended on his back, then slowly caressed its way lower. "Strong back. Firm flesh. You never allow a paddle to it." A pause. "I can see how that would be a problem. An explanation would be needed and hard to come by." Another pause. "Never any scars or scrapes. Nothing that can't be explained away easily. Just your ass. Only reddened flesh, which soon returns to normal. It isn't in the depth of the paddle it's in the repetition. Over and over in the same area. Creating a blanket of pain."

He closed his eyes, visually it. Feeling it again in his mind. Hoping against hope for its return.

"Have you ever asked what I seek? Why I help you in this?"

What you seek? The chained man was confused. You don't seek anything. You get what you want by being the wielder of the paddle.

"No. It is always about your need." A pause, a caress. "Perhaps it should be my turn now. I am in control, after all."

Again that tone. That tinge of something other.

"Yes. Yes, it is my need now." A shaky intake of breath and then both hands moving along his flesh, fingers stroking his despoiled flesh. He moved, trying to keep his skin under those hands, trying to feel more.

Instead they moved lower, grasping the cheeks of his ass and drawing them apart. He tried to buck, but they held him on place firmly. Then a light wet feeling along the pucker of his anus. Then he could feel it pushing in.

He also moaned again. The feel of that tongue probing inside him. Creating an ache and a pleasure he had only ever felt from the strap. A blissful shudder waved through him. And then the feeling was gone.

"You like? No, don't bother to answer. I know you can't. I tied the gag, didn't I?" A light giggle. "Your body gave me the answer. You liked. You liked a lot. Who knows? Maybe even more than the other."

Again a touch on this anus and a push within, though this time he knew it wasn't a tongue. A finger. Definitely. A finger poking in, swirling in that tight tunnel. Then a second, stretching him. He gave into the sensations, loving the feel of the intrusion, pushing back slowly on the hand on this backside.

There was a rip of something plastic and then the sound of something wet. It took a moment for the sounds to penetrate his dazed mind, but then his eyes flew open as he realized his captors intentions finally clicked. He pulled away, struggling even harder to move away from the once delightful sensation.

A dry chuckle met his ears. "Figured it out, have you? Poor sweet thing. All this time you thought I was helping you with your problem. But instead I was building up your trust. Hoping for a time when you would allow me to have you so trapped. So totally at my mercy."

The hands came down again, pulling his ass cheeks aside again. If he thought he'd struggled before it was nothing compared to what he was trying to do now. Even as his hands tried to slip from the bindings, his tongue worked to force the gag from his mouth. To allow him to do more than bellow ineffectually into the cloth.

"I also needed to build my courage. To go through with what I want. I had to build my discipline. To ensure that I didn't give in the way you do so often. To make sure that I could achieve what I most desired."

He could feel legs now, pushing his wider, then something rubbing against the taut pucker. The head of the other man's penis pushed and popped through the tight ring of muscle, causing him to see stars. Then finally, excruciating pain as the entire length was thrust inside him, forcing him open in a way he had never been before.

He screamed loudly, drool streaking down his chin. Thin rivulets of blood followed from where he had bitten the side of his mouth.

"Yes! Oh yes! So tight. God, you are so tight. So warm. Shit! So fucking tight." Hands spasmed on his flesh as the other man tried hard to control the sensations he was feeling. The man couldn't move: his dick was caught in the vice-like grip of the bound man. Trying so hard to get used to the feeling of being so surrounded. To be where he had so often fantasized about being.

Flesh shuddered beneath him and gasping sobs sounded through the gag. It should have scared him, knowing that when this was over the other would seek vengeance. He didn't care. He was wrapped in that hot dark tunnel he had wanted to vanquish for so long. Any revenge he received was worth it.

The bound man's face was wet with tears and he was sure that there would be deep bruises on his wrists. All that seemed small compared to the pain that the sudden intrusion had wrought. It was sharp, deep. He had been invaded; brutalized by one he'd trusted. His mind raced with thoughts of settling of the score. He barely noticed when the pain became to ebb.

Not so the other man. His breath had been coming in sobs too, though ones of joy. He murmured reassurances, even as he pulled back, preparing to thrust again. A tortured groan burst from his throat as he moved forward, deeper. The man beneath him writhed, sending shockwaves of pleasure through his body. It was too much. If he couldn't control himself he would cum right then. He steeled himself and then began to thrust slowly and firmly, intent on his goal.

When the deep thrusts hit something inside him he felt it immediately. A brush of something firm, followed by a flutter of bliss. Again and again it struck, sending pulse after pulse of throbbing pleasure through him. He was struggling now, not to get away but to have it drive deeper within him. The other man became more erratic, wheezing as he pounded deeply into now pliant flesh. With a final shake he managed to free himself from the gag and shriek the words he had been trying to release.

"More, harder! Harder, damn you!"

The thrusting slowed momentarily, as the man started from the shock of hearing his voice, then began in earnest. Faster and faster, flesh slapping against flesh as he followed the orders being issued to him from the now willing, though still restrained man.

A thought occurred to the pumping man, and as he could feel the tingle of his orgasm approaching he grabbed the handle of the paddle and brought it down on the wriggling flesh he was now deep inside of. A husky wail issued from the other's mouth, following by a desperate pleading for another and another blow.

He complied; sweat pouring down his body as he feverishly tried to control himself. The tightness of the tunnel around his penis, the way it vibrated with the feel of his intrusion, and the way it squeezed sharply with every beat of the paddle across the rounded globes of the buttocks was driving him delirious.

A deep thrust, a sharp strap and then a scream of ecstasy as he finally came: semen shooting deep into the others bowels. The bound man came also, jets of milky white liquid spewing across the floor under the table.

The room seemed to vibrate with the sound of panting breath. After a moment, the man on top withdrew, his limp member disengaging with a wet plop. He grimaced at the streaks of feces on it and wiped himself clean with a towel. Then wiped his partner's rear end, removing the cum that bubbled out of the tortured hole. The bound man jumped at the feel of the scratchy cloth, causing another, final, jet of cum to shoot out. Then he groaned again, his body vibrating with the punishment it had received.

The punisher pulled up his pants and zipped them shut. Then slowly, nervously he moved forward and started to untie the other man's restraints. As soon as he released the final tie the other man surged up and around, realizing only then that his legs could not hold him. He grabbed him, tackling him to the bed behind him, holding him in place.

"That was what you wanted? To rape me? All this time you just wanted to fuck me?" he thundered, the damp gag waggling uselessly around his neck.

"Kev…" The feeling of ecstasy was gone now, replace by terror. He tried to remind himself that he knew it was going to happen. It didn't help.

"You little shit!" Kevin shook him violently, still shouting. "I trusted you. Gave you everything. Let you see my need, and you betray me like this." He slapped the man hard across the face, causing his lip to crack and bleed.

"I…" the man began to sob.

"How dare you put your hands on me like that? I'm not some groupie you can fuck like that. Some little shithead bitch desperate for whatever you can give me. You don't ever touch me like that!"

"I'm sorry, Kevin! I'm so sorry. I just needed you so badly. Always I help you, and always I leave so frustrated. I couldn't control it anymore," he wept.

"Couldn't control it, eh?" Kevin's voice turned silky, dangerous. "Well, I'll help you with that, don't worry. You need disciplining that is for damn sure."

There was a sharp intake of breath as Kevin's lips descended on his, probing, sucking, pillaging his mouth. He moaned deeply, arms going around Kevin's neck tangling in his hair. Slowly Kevin withdrew and he gazed up at him in wonder.


"Near are the rules from now on. You never touch me like that again - unless I ask you to."

He nodded.

"And I will administer punishment like that on you as often as I feel you need it."

He nodded again, whimpering with desire at the thought.

"And you will continue to help me with the other stuff as I feel I need it. Got it"

"Yes, Kevin. But I don't understand…"

Kevin pulled himself up, sitting astride the other man, gently rubbing his chafed wrists. He smiled wickedly, knowingly. "Come on, Nick. Why do you think I asked you to help me? Eventually… at some time… one of us would crack." His lips descended on Nick's again. "I just thought it'd be me who let lose first," he murmured as he rubbed his still naked body against Nick's, hands fisting in the blond hair, pulling his head back, exposing his throat open to his questing tongue.

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