Rocky: Chapter 9

WARNING: This chapter contains slash. M/M action. Read at your own risk!

Panting, he leaned back against the pillows, trying hard to calm the beating of his heart.

"You okay?"

He nodded; afraid to talk for fear his voice would fail him. Which was kind of funny, considering. A singer with a faulty voice simply because he'd just had one of the most powerful orgasms of his life. So much for all that vocal training…

"Be right back."

Corey climbed out of the bed, going to the kitchen and returning with a couple of glasses of cool water. Brian drained the glass quickly, still trying to catch his breath. Pulling himself up to rest against the bed frame he gave Corey a weak smile.

"Sorry about that."

"Sorry? Hell, that was one heck of a compliment. Never had someone almost blackout just from me doing that."

Brian laughed tremulously. "I'm surprised. You do it very well."

Corey puffed his chest out and beat on it Tarzan-like, which caused Brian to laugh even harder. The two men both collapsed, rolling on the bed, in fits of giggles.

After a few minutes, Corey sat back up, wiping the tears from his eyes. "Oh man, I gotta tell you. You are one fun dude."

"And you are pretty damn hot yourself."

"Ain't that the truth?" Corey looked at Brian. "Seriously, though. You okay?"

"Yeah. I'm just… It was just…"

Corey gaped at him. "No way! That was your first? Your first fucking blowjob?"

Brian blushed. "Well, yeah. From a guy. I mean, I've had it done by a girl, but…"

"Chicks can't do it properly." Corey snorted. "I mean, not that they aren't good. Just that they can't worship the bone the way we can."

Blush turned into flush. "I can't."

"Maybe not yet, but given time. Don't worry about it. Besides, what newcomers lack in expertise they make up for in enthusiasm."

Brian was silent. Enthusiasm. Frankly that wasn't what he had. Sheer blinding terror maybe, but enthusiasm, no.

"Hey…" Corey snapped his fingers under Brian's nose. "No freaking out on me. That's an order."

"Yes, sir."

"Salute when you say that, soldier."

Brian gave him a straight salute, and then let his hand drop in the stereotypical 'gay' way. Both men giggled.

"That's better." Corey crawled up the bed and leaned back next to Brian. "Want me to tell you what you were thinking?"

"I guess."

"You were thinking, omigod I just had the roof blown off my head by this totally hot expert. I'll never be able to do that. But you're wrong, Brandon. You're an older guy. I bet you've been repressing for ages. Me? I knew what I was when I was in high school. Confusing as all hell and I didn't do anything about it until college, but I've come to terms with it, you know? And I know what it's like from both sides. I was bi for a while, but I am gay now. So I know what its like to be with a woman. Obviously not as much as you do though." He pointed to Brian's ring.

Brian looked down at it too. "I'm supposed to be straight," he whispered weakly. "She deserves that."

"You are supposed to be who you are. That is what she deserves."

"I love her."

"Yeah, but do you want her?"

That was the question, wasn't it? And Brian knew the answer.

Corey let him fall silent for a moment, then continued. "So, what you are thinking is: will I be able to blow someone's mind the way that major babe just did for me?" He ignored Brian's chuckle. "The answer is maybe. With training and dedication. Lots of hard work and encouragement. It'll be tough, I'm not gonna kid you on that. Hours and hour of attention to detail. But in the end, you'll be pretty skillful. Not as skillful as me, but then I am Wonder Sex God."

"And modest too."

"Hell yeah."

After the laughter subsided, Brian turned and looked Corey in the eye. "Thank you."

"For what?"

"You know what. For making this all seem so much easier than I thought it would be. For not pressuring me. For giving me a chance."

The other man smiled. "It's the way it should be."

"I know. But it isn't always. So thank you." Brian leaned over and kissed him lightly. Then again. Then more deeply.

Corey slowly opened his mouth to Brian's tongue, luxuriating in being on the receiving end. Brian could taste just a hint of himself still in Corey's mouth and rather than repulsing him it just turned him on more. He wanted to discover every corner of Corey's mouth. They had kissed before, but it had been hesitant, and Brian wasn't so tentative any longer. He'd recognized the difference between a man's mouth and a woman's and now he wanted to really explore.

"God, man, you're a natural," Corey purred as his arms wrapped around him, pulling his body close. Brian didn't mind. If anything he wanted to get closer. While his tongue delved between the other man's lips his hands caressed his face, learning the planes of it. Stronger jawline, stubbly chin, but all in all not too different from what he was used to. And what difference there was only made him more excited.

And the taste… The smell… The man tasted like a man should. Though how Brian knew that he wasn't sure. He just knew it was wonderful and he wanted more. He devoured Corey's neck, licking, sucking and tasting, reveling in the way the man moaned and gasped. The way his body arched up towards Brian's touch.

He licked his way across Corey's chest, approaching his nipples. Brian knew that Leighanne loved to get her breasts sucked on, and clearly a man was no different. Blowing softly across them he watched in wonder as they puckered and hardened. So small compared to his wife's, but all the more amazing because of it.

Corey gasped as he felt Brian's lips move over him. The guy was a natural, and, oh god, he was making him so damn hard. It was getting more and more difficult to stop himself from grabbing him; forcing Brian's head down to his crotch and making him use that talented mouth where he really should. He groaned again, hands clenching the bed sheets, as Brian's lips moved further and further down his body.

Brian was fully erect now. Harder than he could ever recall being. He was also face to face with the button on Corey's jeans. A button that was pushed forward by the pressure of Corey's erection. He stilled for a moment, then glanced up at Corey's flushed face and reached forward to unbutton the pants.

"You don't have to…"

He looked up again, his blue eyes dark with desire. "But I want to. Please. Let me. Let me try."

Corey groaned and then nodded. He moaned again as Brian drew the zipper down, loosing the fabric that had been keeping his erection restrained. He shuffled a little, helping Brian pull the pants down and off leaving just his underwear behind.

Brian gazed down at the cotton that covered Corey's waist, his hand brushing slowly over it. Corey thought he heard Brian mutter 'boxers or briefs' but that was lost as the man moved his hot mouth over the cloth, breathing fire through the fabric. He arched up, banging Brian's chin against his hip. He was going to apologize for the sudden movement, but then Brian swept the briefs down quickly and the inrush of air made all thoughts fade from his mind.

Brian stared. Corey was long and thick. Circumcised. Beautiful. He touched him softly. Hard and soft all at the same time. He ran his hand down the shaft, marveling at how familiar it was, yet how strange too. His hand curled in the dark mass of hair at the base, fingers lightly caressing the man's balls.

"God, you're beautiful," he whispered reverently.

"God, you're killing me," Corey breathed back, body arching as Brian moved his hand up the phallus again. The top began to weep pre-cum and Brian wanted desperately to taste it. To find out if Corey tasted as wonderful here as he had everywhere else.

"It's okay," Corey assured him. "Do what you like being done to you. I'll let you know how you are doing. Just don't bite."

Brian gave him a ghost of a smile, then reached out with his tongue and licked across the purple head. Corey's throaty gasp reassured him more than the man's words, and Brian's mouth closed over the member.

In hindsight it was every bit as easy as Corey had said. Every part of Brian's senses filled. The taste of Corey's body, the feel of his hardened flesh, the sound of his moans, the sight of hard flesh disappearing into Brian's mouth, the smell of both of their desire filling the room… All he wanted was more. More of everything. More of Corey's body filling his mouth. The touch of him on the back of Brian's throat. The wonder of how it fit so perfectly, so naturally, despite its size. Knowing that those guttural sounds were because of him. Feeling Corey's fingers running through his hair, tips digging in when Brian lapped against the dominant vein.

He knew it had taken a while, but for Brian it was all over too soon. When Corey suddenly started to scream, his hands holding Brian's head in place, slamming deep into the back of Brian's throat as he tried valiantly to take it all in… He swallowed convulsively, though much of it seeped out the side of his mouth. Despite a small frisson of fear at the sudden movements, when Corey's spent member slipped from his mouth, Brian felt somewhat disappointed.

On the one hand he'd made the other man feel so good. Hopefully as good as he had made Brian feel. On the other, he hadn't ever wanted it to end.

He wiped his face on the bed sheet, slowly glancing up at Corey. He was collapsed, spent, against the headboard. Eyes closed, a slight smile on his face.

As he felt Brian's eyes on him Corey opened his brown eyes and beamed widely. "See? What did I say? A natural."

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